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There is no way you are going to guess that this is a house with plenty of private, cozy areas to chill. When you cross the large stone paved front yard and the lotus pond as you enter the premises, it almost seems like the sun shines inside the house, instead of the outdoors.

No fancy play of colors or intricate wood works can be seen at the ‘Palakkattu’ house located at Kidangoor junction near Pala. But the house is certainly charming in a unique way. The 3-layer blinds and the Pergolas team up to present a spectacular light and shadow show in the interiors.

To the left of the foyer is the first living room. When there are special guests at home, then there is another spacious hall at the end of a small passageway. On both sides of the passageway, there is a mini pebble court, and the walls here have a unique design made by sticking black silica pieces. The hall has a royal feel to it, with a humongous chandelier hanging from a great height. This is perhaps the only fancy decor element. Around this central hall are various chit-chat zones done up elegantly. All you need to do is to pick the corner that appears most charming to you.

The courtyard resembles the traditional Nadumuttom. There is a small bridge here that divides this space into three. A ladies living space with a wooden bench is reminiscent of the backyards in old tharavads. The kids play area has been set up next to this space.

The spiral stairs that lead to the top floor begin here. The family living area has been set up beyond the partition bridge. There are tiny spaces for curios on the wall between the partition bridge and family living area. You can get a view of the swimming pool from the window here.

The dining space is to the left side of the living area. Violet Arabic curios are used to decorate the interiors in this space. Most of the curios were imported from Dubai.

The elaborate kitchen design comprises four areas – pantry, island kitchen, main kitchen and the outer kitchen. The main dining area is only for special guests. The family dines in a less formal style in the island kitchen or pantry areas. There is a small wash area where pebbles have been laid. The roof of this section has a stylish nest design and this seems to move along with the direction of the sun’s rays.

Bid adieu to wallpapers, hail texture design! You can see the magic created by texture design in every room. With different artistic designs, this feature takes on various looks depending on the bedroom styles in themes like metallic gold, silver, dark gold and olive green.

All the bathrooms have a pergola style design and so the sky is a constant companion during the shower sessions. A pristine white dry area and a wet area with a glass partition constitutes the bathroom and there is even a tiny veranda for each bathroom.

The bathroom of the master bedroom worth a glance! The bathroom has a shower cubicle and Jacuzzi, a steamer, foot massager and a separate shower area.

Another highlight is the resort style swimming pool, like the kind seen in vacation getaways. Adjacent to the swimming pool is a club house. There is a mini bar here and on the other side there is a Gazebo like tent.

All the five bedrooms in the house and the two living rooms have private patios. Another long patio comes for the study and the gym rooms on the top floor. The swimming pool is right below this. All the main rooms are on the ground floor. Only the gymnasium and the study room are constructed on the top floor. All rooms have an LED TV and also a separate home theater.

With an automatic gate, door sensors, surveillance camera inside the compound, and a single switch for all the lights in the house, it is, indeed, home automation at its best here. The doors have sensors especially because all the bedrooms have verandas that open to the exterior. When someone moves near the door, the sensor detects the changes in infrared energy and activates an alarm. You can even find out where the movement was detected. An app helps us to get this message across to either a Smartphone or to an iPad, no matter where you are located. All the electrical appliances in the house work on solar power. The KSEB connection is for namesake!

The Palakkattu House is located at Kidangoor junction near Pala in Kottayam District. The 6000 sq. ft house is set on a 55 cent plot and the total cost of the house was estimated at approximately Rs.2 crore. Sunlight during the day and mood light during the night weaves many a tales in this lovely home where Sajimon Abraham lives with his wife Silji and three kids – Sona, Sneha and Steve.

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