Want a happier, wealthier home? Bank on Vastu Shastra

by Sunday , March 06 2016 12:04

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Vastu Shastra is an ancient science. And it gives you basic guidelines, which if adopted may bring a lot of good fortune to your daily lives.

Avoid thorny plants

Thorny plants, bonsai tree and plants with red flowers are an absolute no-no. Tulsi in the north, north east or eastern side of the house is considered auspicious. Money Plant brings you luck, so does bamboo. Vastu Shastra also advocates growing lemon, lotus and jasmine. Take care to plant the fruits in the east direction.

Avoid dark colours

You home and the mood it sets, affects you. So, it is ideal to go in for blue, yellow, white and dark green. Stay away from red, black and gray in the entrance. Let your rooms breathe.


Like with Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra too advocates de-clutter. Cluttering leads to negative vibrations. Avoid shoving things under the bed. Vastu Shashtra says that you should not even place footwear under the bed.

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