This unique house in Kottayam is built on 7 cents of land!

by Thursday , August 18 2016 12:30

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When their front yard was almost entirely taken up as part of a road widening initiative and construction of a new bridge, Dilip Punoose of Ullapallil House at Erayilkadavu in Kottayam felt it was better to build a new house in the same spot as their old one.

That’s how this 2800 sq.ft house was built on 6.5 cents. The top floor is of 300 sq.ft and the ground floor is 105 sq.ft. The house was designed in particular manner so that it could be used for commercial purposes if the need arises in future. The large, open terrace was added keeping this in mind.

The house was constructed on a triangular plot. As the house is located quite close to the river, pillars were used for construction. Around 60 truck-loads of mud was used to raise the low lying plot. The groove design on the exteriors makes the house attractive. The staircase seen on the exteriors has been constructed for the space that is to be converted for business needs. The steps are wide enough, though it is on the outside of the house.

Living Room

Simple and elegant furniture have been used in the living room. There is a TV unit on one wall. The cocoa colored cladding done on that wall with coconut shells is the highlight in the room. The storage of the TV unit is made of teak wood and so is the main door. All the principles of Vaasthu have been adhered to in the construction of the house.

There is a false gypsum ceiling in the living room. The stairs that lead to the top floor starts from here. Vitrified tiles are used for the flooring.

Dining Room

The dining room can also be used be as a hall for various functions. The family was particular about having 2 bedrooms on the ground floor. The bedroom adjacent to the dining room could also double up as a sitting room. When the doors of this bedroom are left open, the dining hall can appear more spacious to accommodate guests at functions.

The door of this bedroom that opens onto the dining room has both glass as well as a wood parts. It is of a double door model. You can also enter into the master bedroom from the dining room. A multi-wood paneling helps to partition the living and dining areas. The space below the staircase was utilized for an attached bathroom.

Wash Area

The wash area is in the dining room. To save space, this has been designed like a section within the wall instead of it being outwards. This adds a certain degree of privacy to the wash area as well. There is some storage space below the wash area. The wash area looks pretty with the unique wall tiles.

Prayer Area

The prayer area is set on one side of the dining room. Cladding has been done with cocoa shaded panels. This is an eco-friendly variant done using recycled coconut shells. Below the prayer area there is a storage space made of mahogany.


The U-shaped kitchen looks different and complete with a breakfast counter. All the kitchen cabinets are made of teak wood and glass. There is a door in the kitchen that leads outside. As this door faces the east, it has been designed with the same prominence as the main door. The tiles used in the kitchen are of a different shade. Granite has been used for the counter tops. One window in the kitchen has curtains while another one has blinds.


There are a total of 5 bedrooms in the house – 3 on the top floor and 2 bedrooms below. One of the bedrooms on the top level could also be used as a study room. Except for this room, all the bedrooms have attached bathrooms. A common bathroom has been added in the exterior of the house and on the terrace. This could especially be useful if the house has to be used for commercial purposes. There six bathrooms in the house.


Jijo K Joy

Kanamootil Joy Associates

Chengaroor, Mallapally

House Owner: Dilip Punoose

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