Revealing the wonders of this home built on 6 cents

by Friday , December 02 2016 10:48

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As the owners Anil and Issy were both working, their list of demands to the architect for the new home were quite simple but clear cut. They wanted simple, yet easy to maintain interiors and large spacious rooms. And they did not want a courtyard. All details were planned and well laid out before they got into the building process.

The house set on 6 cents has a total area of 2700 sq ft including the car porch and the terraced rooms.

The plot was raised up by 2 levels. For ease of using the car, the porch was given on the same level as the road and the remaining areas were given more height.

The mud was tested and following this a column foundation was used.

The total expense for this came up to around 2.5 lakhs.

The elevation opted for was a simple one. They didn’t want the view of the house from the road to be obstructed when houses came up in nearby plots.

Burmese Teak was used for the doors and windows of the front side, whereas for the rest Amaranth or Violet wood was used.

The partition of the wardrobes were made using Plywood and for the shutters Pre-laminated MDF was used.

Plywood was used for the kitchen cabinets too.

Same design vitrified tiles have been used for flooring in all rooms throughout the house. Only for the kitchen matte finish tiles were used. Tile wastage was kept to a minimum as they used the same type everywhere.

Vitrified Slab has been used for the kitchen counter top. The only disadvantage of this is the tendency to stain easily.

Bevelled Glass was used on the front side windows. Instead of vertical bars, 16 mm thick bars twined at 45 degree angles have been used in a horizontal manner.

The windows in the kitchen were made wider and aluminium blinds given here.

The interiors are quite airy and bright as cross ventilation was given due importance.

A common toilet was added under the staircase. The floor was made a little below ground level in order to give the area more height. The partition given for the wash area adjacent to the toilet also doubles up as a display rack. This is an attractive feature indeed.

One wall of the dining room has a jute finish wall paper. Experiments with texture paint and stencil paint were done in the bedrooms.

Project Facts

Area - 2700 sq.ft.

Architect - Reuben D. Koshy

Studio 5, Thiruvananthapuram

Owner - Anil Abraham Samuel & Issy


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