A dream home for Rs 15 lakh on 7 cents

by Tuesday , January 17 2017 11:57

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Making your dream home can be fraught with peril. But everything turned out pretty smooth for Ashraf and Faseela; thanks to those months of research and planning. Here is how they built their heavenly abode for just Rs 15 lakhs!

The house is set on a seven-cent plot. The only shortcoming of this plot is that the actual exterior beauty of the house cannot be enjoyed from the road.

The plan of the house was drawn by considering Vaasthu principles. The corner window seen in front of the house was added as per Vaasthu calculations.

Laterite stone, which is available in plenty in Malapurram, is predominantly used for construction. For concreting, a mixture of cement and sand has been used.

Only the required number of bedrooms were built to keep the costs under control. Of the two bedrooms in the house, only one has an attached bathroom.

As the area is small, the kitchen was made small too. The work area is pretty compact too. Sliding windows have been given in this portion. The front part of the house is easily visible through these windows.

A small courtyard has been added to one portion of the living room. The walls here have used tiles for cladding. The tiles cost about Rs.35 per sq ft. A specialty of the tiles is that they look and feel quite natural and eco-friendly.

All the wood works were done with caution so as to keep the expenditure in check. All the doors in the house, including the main door, are flush doors with Jambu wood frames. Concrete frames have been used for the windows. Teak wood panels designed by a friend have been used on the windows.

The kitchen cabinets are made of plywood. Wardrobes are done only in one of the bedrooms. The covering doors are made of aluminium and phylum sheets.

As the children are quite young, only one of the bedrooms is currently used. The other bedroom will be converted into a kids room in future.

Although a single-story house, stairs have been built for expanding it later. The stairs have been given stainless steel railings.

Vitrified tiles purchased at a rate of Rs.45 per sq ft has been used for the flooring.

Customized rub-wood furniture was bought depending on the space available and the layout of the interiors.

Project Facts

Area: 1200 sq ft
Designer: Zakariya Kappat
In home Designers & Builders, Malappuram
Owner: Ashraf & Faseela
Cost: 15 Lakhs

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