A gorgeous, contemporary style home at Malappuram

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Most Malayalees approach contemporary style architecture with a certain amount of apprehension. They love the look and feel of the whole concept, but numerous doubts and questions keep bothering them. Would the houses attract more heat? Is there a possibility of leaks in the future? Would it be as sturdy as those buildings that were constructed in a traditional manner? In most cases though, it is finally straight lines that wins them over!

If there are skilled labourers and the right architect, thenm contemporary is definitely the way to go. Let’s take a look at a contemporary style house designed by architect Sandhya. The stylish Cheruparambil house is located at Valancherry in Malappuram district. The project manager of the house, Ranjith gets ready to take us through the finer details of the construction.

The exterior beauty is sure to leave you spell-bound. Modernism begins at the porch, which has been constructed adjacent to the house. This was done to bring about a certain balance to the striking exteriors. The box style exterior follows a grey and white theme.

The cantilever porch goes well with the overall design aesthetics. Another highlight in the exterior is the Pergola given over the balcony. There is cladding done on three walls on the exterior. The addition of corner windows imparts a touch of simple elegance. A hearty lawn is spread out in the front of the house. Not many changes have been done to the natural shape of the plot.

Interior Mantra

A teak wood double door leads to a foyer. French windows have been constructed on both sides of the door. On the right of the foyer is the formal living area. There are 3 two-seater sofas awaiting guests here. Tiny LED lights are part of the dcor here. You can also see a window in the corner. A spacious hall has been built at the heart of the house. Specially done lighting adds magic to the Gypsum false ceiling. The Italian marble flooring reflects the light pattern.

In the middle of the hall is the dining space and to the right is the family living area. The sliding doors provided leads to the outdoors. On the left side of the dining space is the open style kitchen. The lighting in the kitchen in commendable. The glass cabinets and the glass on the splash-back play a part in reflecting this light. The working kitchen near the main kitchen is well equipped too. There is a small 4-seater dining table that is set here. The working kitchen is positioned in such a way that you can see the front portion of the house.

A star statement in the interiors is the cantilever staircase. The hand rails are made of steel and glass. Warm tone hanging lights are given in this space. There are 4 bath attached bedrooms spread on both the floors.

The stairs lead up to a living space on the top floor. The special feature here is a Jacuzzi. A pergola comes above this. One section has been separated with wooden flooring. There are plans to convert this into a home gym in the future. You can get out onto the balcony from this living area.

As the owner Abdul Gafoor and family lives abroad, the safety of the house is ensured through automation. At 6.30 pm every day, all the lights in the exterior come alive and there are surveillance cameras set up on all four corners of the house.

Architect Speaks

Sandhya is a leading name among the women architects in Kerala. She had received her B. Arch degree from Mangalore University. She is the chief architect of Sandhya & Associates, a Kozhikode based firm. She was the former chairperson of IIA Calicut Centre

How do you decide which design is apt for house?

There are no set rules or guidelines for this. The family’s preferences or the features of the plot are some of the influencing factors. But I give more priority to the climate. The basic principle of every design should be that it should make living in the house a pleasant experience.

Are the present generation architects staying clear of traditional styles?

According to me, it is always traditional Kerala style architecture that suits the climatic conditions and weather of this place. But modern styles do have solutions for this. It is only through experimentation or trial and error methods that we can finally reach the perfect design. What made this project successful was that the client shared this same mentality.

Project Facts

Area: 4000 sq. ft.

Architect: Sandhya, Sandhya & Associates, Kozhikode

Email: ar_sandhya@live.com

Owner: Abdul Gafoor & Regina, Vancherry

Photos: Badusha

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