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By now, Listin Stephen has proved that he has this uncanny ability when it comes to selecting themes or subjects for hit movies. As a producer he has seldom gone wrong with his choices. All his movies so far have been blockbusters. Traffic, Chapakurrisu, Ustad Hotel, How old are you - each of these movies have added a golden feather on this young man’s cap. And when it came to building his new home, his only demand was that it should be different - like his movies.

His new 3650 sq. ft. colonial style house set on 35 cents plot in his native Uzhavoor was designed by Manu. The unique interiors reflect Listin’s love for creative and innovative elements.

Listin was particular that he didn’t want a play of many contrasting, bright colours and hence the colour scheme on the exterior and interior is predominantly white and grey. This begins right from the compound wall itself. The highlighting factor on the outside are the arches supported by stone clad pillars.

At one look the house seems like a 2-storey structure, but there is only one level. The elaborate roofing done with truss work and roof tiles is ideal as a party area or for large gatherings. The designer feels this area could be converted into a home theatre in the future. Three small openings on the roof is an attractive addition to the exteriors. These could double up as balconies too.

From the car porch, one enters a long verandah that leads to the foyer. The formal living room and the other rooms start from here. The foyer adds the privacy element when there are guests visiting. Both these areas are partitioned uses frosted glass doors.

Lighting has been given special importance in the interiors. There aren’t any light fittings on the walls. The lights in the ceiling ensure that lighting is uniform throughout every inch of the house. All rooms have a false ceiling of gypsum and decorated with crystal chandeliers. The ceiling of the formal living area and the dining space are covered in colourful mural works.

There is a lovely mural art of the Last Supper in the dining room. A built-in separator partitions the dining and living areas. These are different sized circles made from the extra wood pieces. In between the family living room and the dining room there is a prayer area, and you can reach here directly from the foyer. The flooring here is differently done using a carpet of pebbles with a glass laid over it. The furnishing of the formal living room has been meticulously done.

The charm of grey

There are four bedrooms in the house. All the rooms follow a pleasant pastel colour scheme. Even here the lighting has been done with extra care. The furnishings are mostly different shades of grey. The wood work is done using teak wood and Anjili (Artocarpus Hirsutus). The doors are made by joining two plywoods. The kitchen cabinets and wardrobes are fashioned out of plywood as well. White vitrified tiles with small prints make up the flooring in the entire house. The kitchen looks attractive because of the black and white colour combinations used. Next to the kitchen is the work area and a servant’s bedroom. Being a modern style house, curtains have been done away with and blinds used on all the windows.

Listin personally supervised the construction. The interiors have been done exactly according to his likes and tastes. They even had to make a couple of modifications when some new idea caught his fancy.

Listin on the house:

“Whenever I get some free time away from the film works, Uzhavoor is a place where I love to spend time. That’s why I built my house here. What I wanted were rooms that were different and reminiscent of hotel rooms that have every facility.”



K.K. Associates, Uzhavoor

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