Cost effective ways to build a home

by Friday , February 24 2017 10:17

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You go through your life trying to save up for building a dream home and then end up spending all your precious life savings to make that dream a reality. These days Malayalis never think twice when it comes to this. It is an acceptable fact that you need a fairly good home to live comfortably but the unacceptable thing here is going all out and spending exorbitantly for showy facets without understanding that it does not serve any purpose whatsoever! When you look at a house, more than the largess of pockets, it is the largess of the owner’s brains that should be evident.

1. Take into consideration how much you use each room in your current house. If there is any room without 100 percent utilization, then you can be sure that the room is unnecessary. Always have a clear picture of the multiple ways by which a room can be used.

2. If there is only one room on the top level, it is more economical to build it in a Mezzanine floor style, by having built-in iron pillars that can bear the weight of a smaller room. To make the walls, there are many materials like Ferro-cement boards or Fiber cement boards in the market. These could even be easily removed when required.

3. Most of the unnecessary expenses occur during the finishing stage. There are many aesthetic looking, practical materials in the shops that could prove to be more cost-effective than the expensive options. Do your research well enough and ensure that the things that you choose are within your set budgets.

4. When selecting the construction materials or finishing elements, the last word should be that of the family’s. Neighbors, friends and relatives may have a million opinions and suggestions and they may very well use it for their own houses!

5. Flooring is another pain area when it comes to expenses. To control costs go for the low stock tiles that are kept aside in the shop. The only disadvantage is that you might not be able to get pattern uniformity across all the rooms. Select a single pattern for one room or a combination of two different patterns for a room to solve this.

6. The easiest way to reduce the costs of building the walls is to have a simple and uncomplicated design. Adding too many decorative elements to beautify the exteriors will only take the costs up. More than the cost of these, many forget to understand the eye-popping labor charge that comes with it. When you are building a home, you ought to be accountable for even Rs100.

7. As for the roofing, the common practice today is to have a flat concreting done for sloped roofs and then adding a truss roof over this. You can reduce expenses by using iron frames instead of concrete and then laying roof tiles over this. The uses of a truss roof like reducing the heat in the interiors or using that space for storage etc. is often pointless. What ultimately happens is the space being used up by pigeons nesting or other creepy crawlies.

8. Take special care while handling the electrical and plumbing works. The most expenses are in areas that the family is not too well versed in. They are just too preoccupied about adding two- way switches and plug points in every available room or even connection points for gadgets that could be purchased in the future. When the number of plug points increase, the possibility of taking a 3 phase connection will also be high.

9. For those of you wanting wood furniture or wood works in the house, allocate the required budget for this. There are chances of huge wastage while cutting or building if the owner is not watchful enough. Always ensure that the wood used is entirely devoid of moisture. Like purchasing, polishing the wood is also an expensive affair. Good polishing is essential to make sure that the wood works lasts longer.

10. Having long steps for the sit out may be an attractive addition but this seemingly innocent element calls for huge expenses. The construction materials for this itself can bring about changes in the budget, especially if you have granite in mind. At a per sq ft rate of Rs100, remember that with a slight change in the sq ft measurement, the rate can go up by another Rs500. Not to mention the extra labor charges!

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