How to pet-proof your Christmas tree

by Monday , December 19 2016 18:26

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There are just a couple of days to go for Christmas. Everyone is excited about all the shiny gilt covered decorations you have picked up from the shop. Everyone, including your four-legged companions at home. And their enthusiasm could make you slightly worried. Here are some basic things you have to be careful about Christmas decorations if you have a pet or two at home.


Location is everything when it comes to Christmas trees. Put your tree in a room, which you can keep closed and inaccessible to your pet when you are not around. However, this might work with dogs, but if you have a curious feline at home, it may get difficult. Ensure that your tree is secured to the wall or ceiling at all times. Cats love to climb and the dogs love to chase them. Your tree could be the causality.


Pets tend to be curious of anything new you bring home. So when you get a tree, resist the temptation to decorate it for three or four days. And when you decorate it, keep your pet away. If you are keeping a live tree, ensure the base is well covered so that it does not double up as a water bowl for your pet. While decorating the tree, make sure that you keep the breakable decorations and sentimental pieces securely to the top of the tree. Put decorations that make noise in the bottom levels of the tree, they will alert you that your four legged companion is up to some mischief.


Lights look lovely, but if you can, delay it till a couple of days before Christmas. Ensure that the wires are properly insulated when you put them up. Make a habit of switching it off if you are not at home. The same goes with tinsel too. The pets just love tinsel.

Final touch

Be alert always. Dogs and cats have an innate knack of getting entwined in ribbons and wires. Save keeping the gift boxes till the end. The concept of a box decked up and kept somewhere accessible is like having a chew toy around for your pet.

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