A marvel in teak, blending traditional and modern

by Wednesday , February 17 2016 10:06

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Tucked away in Kayiliyat village in Shornur, Palakkad is a 2500 sq. ft. house that has many specialties. It is a square-shaped structure and most of the woodwork is done in teak. A perfect blend of the traditional and the modern styles.

The 'poomukham' or entrance, the sit-out and the balcony right above it boast a very intricate and attractive teak woodwork. The ground floor that covers up to 1550 sq. ft. in area, the porch which is around 200 sq. ft. and the spacious 120 sq. ft. sit-out requires a special mention.

The living room has been arranged according to the square structure of the house. The piece de resistance of the living room is a table made of palmyra tree. The foyer directly leads to a dining hall. There is a bedroom towards the left side of the dining room and on the right is the kitchen and work area. A lovely curtain demarcates the dining space from this. This area is also replete with interesting woodwork.

The staircase that leads to the top floor is from the dining hall. The hand rails of the stairway has been fashioned out of wood and glass and oozes style. The empty space below the staircase has been used for storage and handy cupboards built for this purpose. A clever way to make use of the space. The wash area is given as a secluded portion so there is enough privacy and peace at meal times.

The kitchen has all the modern facilities with wood works on the cabinets. The wood mostly used for the kitchen is of the jack-fruit tree. A spacious work area lies adjacent to the kitchen.

The highlight of the bedroom is a walk-in dressing area cum wardrobe that offers maximum privacy. One door of the wardrobe opens on to a dressing room and at first look this seems just like a cupboard door. Opposite to this is the attached bathroom. All the other bedrooms on the top and ground floor of the house has been set in the same manner. Another different sight is the puja room on the top floor. This is built on the landing of the staircase and projecting outwards. Roofing sheets has been given on the open terrace and to ensure security a traditional style grill is provided here. This addition almost makes the terrace area look like another room.

Granite flooring and the colour combinations used in the interiors has a nice feel. Paving tiles cover the courtyard, the garden and compound wall completes the look. The combination of white along with the teakwood shade is what makes this house stand out. The house is built within a proper boundary and this gives a stately feel to the house and grounds.

Project Highlights

Wood work done with teak

Safety & Security given the most weightage.Regal looking furniture and spacious rooms.

Attractive wood panelling in the front.

Owner – Ramachandran Kanjangattu

Budget – 75 Lakhs

Area – 2503 sq. ft.

Design - Sasikumar

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