This interior designer's tips to build a low cost home will just blow you away

by Thursday , March 09 2017 15:45

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How much does a 2,100 sq ft house, beautiful and complete with almost all modern amenity, costs? For interior designer V.Sheriff, it cost less than Rs 35 lakh.

His house at Vengara in Malappuram’s Tirur is a standing testimony to deft planning and cost cutting. The house’s interiors have minimal decorations, which otherwise eats into the budget. Yet, the house has false ceilings and indirect lighting, which add to the overall aesthetics.

Cladding and colors give an artistic touch to the exterior. The front portion has a slanted ceiling covered with tiles worth Rs 20 each, while the rear has a flat terrace-like roof.

Laying the foundation was expensive since the plot was beside a river. Still, the use of laterite stones kept the expense within the budget.

A foyer leads to the family living and dining rooms from the front door. A courtyard separates the sit-out and the living room. Windows in the living room opens to the courtyard.

Stone claddings add to the aesthetics of the foyer

The first floor doesn’t have a living room, since it might not be used. Instead, a passage leads to the bedroom. The dining room has a double-height roof.

Teakwood was used for the main door, while those inside used Burma ironwood . Mahogany and jackfruit tree were used for the windows.

Both floors have two bedrooms each. The cupboards in the bedrooms are made of marine plywood and mica, which helped in reducing the cost.

The kitchen is an open one, and its cupboards are of marine plywood and veneer . A coat of paint was given to marine plywood cupboard in the work area.

Provisions for letting natural light have been provided. The double-height walls sport small windows.

Vitrified tiles have been used for flooring. Granite has gone into the stairs, sit-out and borders.

Project facts
Location: Vengara, Tirur
Area: 2,100 sq. ft.
Cost: Rs 35 lakh
Designers: P.M. Salim, V. Sheriff, A. S. Design Forum, Kottakkal.

Owner: V. Sheriff, Vengara, Malappuram.

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