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Ample storage - with dedicated space for all your belongings - is key to achieving a clutter-free home, but it’s often an afterthought, considered towards the end of the project. Perhaps because of the same reason, Dr Vinod was very particular about ensuring that his new flat at Calicut is built with enough storage facilities.

Living room

Towards the right side of the foyer, we can see a window seating. The first storage space is right below this seating. Marine plywood is erected on the wall of the living room and the TV unit is fixed onto this wall. All the cables and wires of the TV are behind it. There are cupboards on both sides of the unit and the drop ceiling has spot lighting that imparts a magical feel to the room.

A partition wall built by cutting out circles from the plywood and this is another attractive feature here. Laminated wooden flooring has been used for the living area.

Dining space

Adjacent to the living space is the dining area. All the common areas follow an open style layout and hence, space utilization is well taken care of. A false ceiling of marine plywood has been given above the dining table. The room near to this is the guest bedroom. Opposite to the dining area, there is a small balcony. On both sides of the wall near the table, water color paintings add splashes of color.


The compact kitchen of the flat is easy to maintain for a working couple. By having the wash area moved to another spot, the kitchen could be extended and made a little bigger. As the family was not too keen to have cooking smells permeate across the house, the idea of an open kitchen was shunned. To have an eye on the other sections of the house from the kitchen, jali works have been added to the wall. All the cabinets are made of laminated marine ply.

Prayer area

There was a niche space on the wall towards the left side of the master bedroom door. This was retouched slightly to turn it into a puja space. Paneling has been done for this area using marine plywood. There is a storage space below this part too.

Study space

The study area is set opposite to the dining space next to a large decorative mirror. Below this part too, there are separate storage areas. An ornate chess board and its pieces have been turned into dcor elements here. The window blinds let in ample light and give the room an airy feel.


There are three bedrooms in this apartment. The guest bedroom is near the kitchen and dining room. In this room, wardrobes have been given on both sides of the window. The daughter’s room follows a pink theme.

The master bedroom is much bigger in size than the other two rooms. The main color themes here are blue and white. A balcony is an added feature for the master bedroom.

Project facts

Area - 2220 sq. ft.

Architect - Cindhu V, Cindhu V Tech, Calicut


Owners – Dr Vinod and Dr Samaira, Calicut

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