This Aussie-style villa near Changanassery is a luxurious eye candy

by Tuesday , April 18 2017 11:58

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Though the exterior of this single-storey house is part European and part Aussie in looks, the interior is contemporary and chic, tailored to suit native needs.

Motorists zipping down by Naalukodi near Changanassery are sure to slow down at one particular point just to gaze upon a colonial-style villa resting amidst lush greenery on an acre of land. This is Alex Villa, the Aussie-style abode of Alex Mathew and family.

Alex Mathew who lives in Australia wanted a villa back home in Kerala just like one of those 'homely', yet trendy ones in Australia. Though the exterior of this single-storied house is part European and part Aussie in looks, the interior is contemporary and chic, tailored to suit native needs.

The tiles laid over trussed roofs stand out in regal splendor. The natural stone cladding to the walls enhances the aesthetics of the residence. A small, yet cute veranda gives the house the look of a cottage.

While Lapothra marble adorns the floor of the sit-out, its vitrified tiles in all the rooms inside. An open courtyard between the sit-out and the car porch heightens the colonial style.

Once inside, the special 'light well' technique used sees to it that the rooms are bright during day and can very well do without light from bulbs and tubes.

The night-time ambiance is set off by the mood lighting within the fold ceiling. The drawing rooms have been dressed up with custom-made furniture. The open kitchen-cum-family living gives one the absolute joy of jiving it up with food and good cheer.

The tastefully laid out landscaping merges with the serenity of the house. Besides, Nature’s bounty covers the house with its greenery. The natural tiles laid in the yard allow water to seep into the ground when it rains. The garden too has been laid in such a way that the plants there don’t need too much water. The automatic sprinklers see to it that water is used only to a minimum. The Aussie villa in Naalukodi is a sure eye-turner.

Project facts

Owner: Alex Mathew

Location: Naalukodi, Changanassery

Design: Jaison Mathew, Purple Builders, Thodupuzha, 94956-02810,

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