Are you ready to set up a home garden?

by Thursday , November 26 2015 18:03

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Every day, we hear that the prices of vegetables are shooting up. The reports also say that harmful pesticides are being used widely. Don't you feel it is time to consider a home garden with just some commonly used vegetables? Here are some simple tips for setting up a small home garden.

Start small

You may not have a lot of place in the backyard, especially if you are living in an apartment. Plus, once you get into the whole gardening bit, you are certain to hit some roadblocks, which may make you want to give up the whole venture. So, start small. Get a couple of pots and plant tomato or mint. You can harvest your tomatoes in about 45 -60 days, mint grows much faster. You can add chilies and basil to your kitchen garden once you get the hang of maintaining a garden.

The ideal place

If you are looking at an indoor garden, make sure that the plants are kept at places where there is natural light: next to a window, or on the balcony. Too much light could be a problem too.

What to plant

The two questions that need to be addressed when you think about a home garden are 1) What vegetables do you use most often? 2) How much space do you have for a home garden. If you do not have a lot of place, you can think of smaller plants like tomatoes, mint, basil, peppers, cucumbers and a variety of beans. If you like mushrooms, you can plant them too.

What soil to use

Use good soil. The soil in Kerala is usually fertile. There is no harm in visiting a gardening shop and getting advice. Make use of organic fertilizsers if you have to.

Watering schedule

A simple search on the internet will give you the ideal water measurements. But, it is better if you can talk to your grandmothers who used to keep a kitchen garden. Aerating and draining away the water is an important part of gardening.


Be prepared for pests. You need to keep an eye out for small insects, which may be bad for your garden. Ensure that you weed on time.


Gardening is not an instantly gratifying job. Plants take their own time to grow. But the pleasure of harvesting a crop from your garden is very rewarding, and it is a healthy way of life.

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