A 1500 sq. ft. low budget-home

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Anand & Sija had just basic requirements for their dream home. Like the usual bedrooms, puja room, hall, kitchen; suitable enough for a small middle-class family. And right when they had plans of building a home, the couple had purchased a 60 cent plot.

They came across a number of plans, but none seemed to meet their expectations. Lack of a proper utilization of space was the major drawback in most plans. The owners were happy about the plan that designer Santhosh drew up. The new house was built in the centre of the plot. They were able to include all the elements that they wanted, inside a total budget of Rs.19.5 Lakhs, which happened to be lower than expected.

The Plot:

The plot as such was quite solid and hence did not require much sand works. Building the foundation did not call for any extra expenses either. The present foundation could be used for a 2-storey home, in case a need for it arises in the future.

The Exterior:

If this house belonged to a city, the exterior design would not have been much noticeable. But in a small village area like Alampidika, the house certainly stood out from the rest. The exterior of the house follows a minimalist design style. The colour themes commonly used for modern houses have been used like yellow, whites & grey shades.

In a small part of the courtyard, pavement tiles have been laid. Once the work was completed, around 86 sq. ft. area was less according to the Vaasthu calculations. A pebble court was added in order to stay within the favourable area limits. There is a door in the sit-out area that leads directly to the puja room. White vitrified floor tiles were used for the sit-out.

Living Room:

Two walls of the living room interior was given textured paint. Niche spaces on one of the walls works well for the decorative curios. The doors and windows of the main room was made of Aanjili (Artocarpus Hirsutus) wood. Whereas the doors of the inner rooms are ready-made doors each costing Rs 3000. The frames of these were fashioned out of Acacia wood. In the living space, a pebble court was added below the TV area.

Dining Room:

In order to reduce the expenses, the kitchen & dining room was not given any doors. The stairs begin at the dining area and the wash area is located below the stairs.

Vitrified floor tiles cover this space too. The tiles cost Rs 50 per sq. ft. To reduce the cost of windows, horizontal openings with glass was added near the stairs. The Pergola on top, let in ample light into the rooms. The common toilet is adjacent to the wash area. The magic of texture paint finish is evident in the wash area and on the sides of the stairway.


There are 3 bedrooms in the house. The Master bedroom opens into the living room and the other two are near the dining space. The positioning of the bedroom is in such a way that, the insides are not visible from the common areas. Like in all other rooms, the bedroom follows simple, not too fancy dcor styles.


You can enter the kitchen from the dining space. There is a work area near the L-shaped Kitchen. Both areas use Aluminium fabricated shutters & frames costing below Rs 30, 000. Wall tiles with the motif of food items adds a unique touch to the kitchen. The countertops use granite. Ceramic tiles that cost Rs 40 per sq. ft., was used in the kitchen, bathrooms & puja room.

Project Facts

Area: 1500 Sqft

Place: Ochira, Kollam

Designer: M D Santhosh(Santhosh Associates, Ochira, Kollam, blowupsanthosh@yahoo.com)

Owner: Anand & Sija, Anand Bhavan

Cost: Rs 19.5 Lakhs

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