Pisharody and his Kinassery dreams

by Tuesday , August 16 2016 12:50

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My father used to work at the Newsprint factory in Velloor. Most of my childhood was spent in the 2-bedroom company quarters alloted to us. I lived with my parents and 5 siblings.

There used to be so many children in the neighborhood, and that too, all in my age group. Television wasn’t popular in those days. Whoever had a TV at their home was allowed to show off a little!

My dad had no plans of buying a TV for our house, he was saving up to build a new home. My eldest sister protested against the decision. Finally my father relented. He purchased a TV with the money that he had kept aside to build the foundation.Our happiness couldn’t be contained. We were very young to realize which was the more useful dream. Before we could further torment him with our long list of demands, my father managed to fulfill his dream of building a 1000 sq.ft. dream house.


At present I live in a flat at Trippunithura with my family. I call my wife Soumya, ‘Killi’ and that’s why named my home ‘Killikoodu’.

I get bored of the flat's interiors easily. I keep bringing about changes and that is indeed a huge relief. It could be the paint on the walls of my living room one day. At that instant I have to go out and get the repainting done.

Otherwise it is polishing the brass articles that is part of the decor and making it shine like gold, or sometimes changing the sofa upholstery and fabric shades and so on. The craziness continues.


I love Lalettan’s house in Chennai, especially the terrace from where you have the view of the sea. In the future, I hope to build a spectacular house like that. It will be at a place that is away from all the hustle and bustle.

In a remote place, without nosy neighbors. From where I can make all the noise that I want.

A place that is not very easy for my friends to reach me. With streets where I can roam around freely donning a lungi, like in my hometown.

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