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by Wednesday , September 28 2016 17:58

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This home in Churulikode in Pathanamthitta district belongs to Biju Philip and his wife Jibi, both of whom are engineers. Biju and Jibi had designed and engineered the construction of this house all by themselves.

Even though, the plot chosen to build this home is below the standard level of the land, the owners did not consider leveling the land. Instead, they designed the house according to the geography of the land. Only the area where the courtyard has been filled. A cellar area is added to the house, supported by beam structured columns. Car parking, rain water harvesting and a swimming pool are set in the cellar area. There is also a stair case that leads to the house from the basement.

Another remarkable feature of this house is its cross ventilation. The field at the rear of the house ensures ceaseless breeze. The doors and windows are designed so that breeze easily flows in, maintaining a fresh and cool ambiance within the house. Large shutters are fitted at the rear side of the master bedroom and dining area to allow free flow of breeze and ensure unhampered view of the outside. The shutters are operated by a remote control.

The window grills have a traditional look. At the same time, safety is assured by weaving 16 mm iron wire inside the grills. The entire wood required for furnishing was imported. The walls are putty finished.

There are three bedrooms in the ground floor and one in the first floor. The kitchen and work area are spacious. There is a small verandah between the kitchen and the work area. There is a store room at one side.

The trussed roof top is overlaid with imported roofing tiles which cost Rs. 170 per sq.ft. At the rear end of the first floor, a spacious utility area is built.

Biju and Jibi were keen on not to leave any space unused. Likewise they also ensured that natural light reached all corners of the home during the day. The couple is happy that all their dreams have come true with the new home!


Area: 2900 Sq.ft.

Estimate: 60 lakhs

Owner & Designer: Biju Philip

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