The secrets this eco-friendly, budget friendly home has to reveal

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Some houses have an aura about them. They enthrall you. This house, belonging to T.P. Madhusoodanan, chief engineer at Habitat Technologies, is warm and inviting - as well as innovative. This eco-friendly house was built on a marshy 4-cent plot at Mudavanmugal, Thiruvananthapuram. Come, explore the unique features of this house

The plot was uneven. However, the owners decided to use it to their advantage. A huge rock that was part of the landscape has been artistically blended in as part of the portico.

They used interlocking mud bricks for construction.

The kitchen and the bathroom walls were plastered to prevent the seepage of water.

The windows are made of glass and aluminum, minimizing the use of wood. This cut down the cost of materials considerably. What could have been Rs.3.5 lakh came down to just around Rs.18,000.

The bathrooms are in a pergola shape - airy and bright. And they dry out easily.

They went in for inbuilt furniture which makes it easier to clean the house. There are no sofas or chairs in the sitting room.

The cupboard containing showpieces double up as a door to the common bathroom.

Refurbished rubber has been used as the cladding.

There are no railings on the stairs. They double up as a seating arrangement.

The tiles in the landing area resemble wood.

The doors from the courtyard open out into the patio.

The windows in each bedroom have been so planned that there is enough space for a coffee corner with electric kettles.

A mobile redwood table with a granite top doubles up as the dining table.

There are walk-in wardrobes in all the three bath-attached bedrooms.

Vitrified tiles are used for the flooring at a 2*2 ratio making it easy to clean.

The use of electrical equipment was minimized in this house which has a single-phase connection. There are two lights and a fan in each of the rooms.

Project facts

Area: 2400 sqft

Engineer and owner: T.P. Madhusoodanan and Asha

Senior consultant

Habitat Technologies Group, Thiruvananthapuram

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