Ever seen a house with a Spanish touch? Check out this house in Thrissur

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Dr. Thomas Manjooran is passionate about Interior Designing and a huge fan of colonial style houses.

Complete with arches, a symmetrical facade and roof shingles, this house has striking colonial style exteriors. He has done away with a compound wall and gate. The light colors used are pleasing to the eye and goes well with the surroundings.

Owning an abode in Shobha City at Puzhakkal, Thrissur is really something! Just a walk away from the Mall, lake and park and coupled with the safety and security that a gated community offers. These are just some of the factors that influenced Dr.Thomas to build his nest here.

The house called ‘Manjoorans’ stands out in terms of design and structure from the rest of the villas in the community. As the house is set on a corner plot, the doctor-cum-interior designer was particular about making sure that all the four sides of the house were equally breathtaking. He modeled his house after a Spanish-style villa that he had come across a while ago.

Charm of Arches

The arches found in colonial style houses are smaller than those seen in traditional Kerala style homes. He had to literally train the mason involved in the work to make such arches for all the doors and windows. “To make sure that the colonial style is followed to the T, you need to focus on getting even the minute details right,” says Dr. Thomas.

To perfect the Louvre design on both sides of the glass wall in the dining room, he visited Shakthan Thampuran’s Palace in Thrissur. If you turn just one bar in between the 75 to 80 Louvres with some effort, the room abundant in cold air, which enters the room from the outdoors.

An industrial fan set up on the terrace pushes the hot air from the rooms.

A template was first made and all the doors were built based on that. Teak wood and Kunnivaka wood was used for all the wood works. The windows were made with steel frames and woodenshutters. There are only vertical bars on all the windows.

Flooring Magic

The flooring in every room of the house is distinct from one another. The drawing room has flooring that seems to have the look and finish of wood. But it is not real wood.

The veranda around the house has a pre-polished marble floor with leather finish. He feels, this will be the only home in the state to have used this variety of tiles. Tiles that are of the least demand, were used to create magic in the doctor’s home. The plus that he saw was that the rustic finish would make the floors less slippery.

Cheap tiles (2 ft X 2 ft) were purchased and these were cut out and laid in different patterns in all the rooms. Embossing was done on the wooden finish floor.

“All the tiles were cut, I even tried using a tile design for my teapoy,” the doctor shares.2 by 2 tiles were even cut up to 1X1 in area!

The borders of the rooms were highlighted with different type tiles. Only the bathrooms have large tiles of 3 feet. He even went till Gujarat in search of tiles.

The spacious open area on the top floor uses tiles that are thicker in size than the rest.

Myriad Paint Shades

Though not very noticeable, around 30 different shades of paint has been used in the interiors.

The doctor says that even such finer nuances play an important part in making the house whole. The living area at the landing of the stairs is painted a shade called Vintage Green. This color was commonly used in old English homes. The use of wallpapers is another interesting feature about the interiors. Some of the walls even have wafer -thin wallpaper that can be painted on. You need to touch it to believe it!

The home theater on the top floor has a specially designed wallpaper. The wallpaper made of bottle corks also doubles up as the sound-proofing mechanism for this room.

More Surprises

Each of the bedrooms have some unique feature or the other included. If in one room the decor is mostly made of wood and wicker, then in the other one the winning combination is wood and cast iron, for the beds and the cabinet shutters. The third bedroom has special tiles that give it a wood-like appearance.

The doctor traveled to many places in search of the original ‘Made in England’ tiles. An extra bedroom comes in the attic too!

A tiny staircase on the second floor leads up to this tiny single bed space set under the slanting roof. The surprise does not stop here. These stairs are controlled with a remote and hence the secret remains safe. The stairs come down only when required!

The staircase looks unbelievable! Looks like the doctor turns out to be not just an interior designer, but a magician too!

On the top floor is a large open space. Calling it a terrace would be an understatement. It is a 'chilling' zone complete with seating arrangements to laze around, pool, private bar area and artificial lawns. A small balcony faces the front portion of the house. The outdoor table and chairs here are painted in white and is reminiscent of English style villas.

The doctor had to spend huge amounts of money for the piling of the plot in the beginning. A lot of hard work and effort has gone into making the plot as it is today. As the doctor
speaks to us about making his dream home a reality, he reminds us that - what we ultimately build should be a home and never a hotel!

Project Facts

Area - 4000 sqft

Owner & Designer - Dr. Thomas Manjooran

Shobha City, Thrissur


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