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This 3,400 sq ft Kozhikode house has all the charms of minimalism

by Thursday , July 27 2017 19:22

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When Chennai-settled doctor couple Anju and Vishnu decided to build a house, they wanted it to have all the charms and simplicity of minimalism. Doing full justice to their demand, Nishan and Vivek of Cubics Builders built them a beautiful house in Kozhikode in the contemporary-tropical style. The interiors of this 3,400 square feet house, which stands in a 10-cent plot, were done by Jinsho Jose, who runs a firm called V-Dcor.

The living room is set in double height and the custom-made furniture done in jute fabric goes well with the color theme of the house. The formal living space, dining, and the upper story living are designed in the same color theme.

The most interesting feature of this house is its color-themed bedrooms The combinations of black and white, white and blue, and golden and cream adorn the bedrooms. The bath-attached bedrooms have a false ceiling, which is further enhanced by themed lighting. The imported tiles on the bathroom floors are quite decorative. The brass cladding on the walls of the master bedroom is really appealing to the aesthetic sensibilities.

While the sit-out has granite flooring, vitrified tiles are used in the rest of the house. The prayer room below the stairway is a perfect instance of spaces used wisely in this house. Wooden paneling is done on the doors and windows and it adds to the elegance of the structure. The kitchen follows a minimal style.

There are two bedrooms, a home theater and a small study space on the upper story. The wooden blinds on the windows here are quite attractive. There is a small balcony here; clay tiles are laid on the sloping roof.

The most interesting space in this simple abode is the open courtyard on the backside of the house. This is the space where friends and family have a good time during family get-togethers. Cladding makes the wall beautiful. Toughened glass on GI pipe is used here and it brings in a lot of natural light.

Project Facts

Area- 3400 SFT

Plot- 10 Cents

Place- Kozhikode

Owner- Dr. Vishu, Dr. Anju

Construction- Nishan, Vivek, Cubics Builders

Interior Design- Jinsho Jose, V Decor

Mob- 8606445566

Completion year- 2014

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