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This three-storey house in Manjeri stands tall in three cents

by Thursday , September 07 2017 13:13

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Everyone wants spacious homes, but what if you have just 3.25-cent land to build a house? Perhaps for the same reason, Vincent and his family did not even dream about building a house in his 3.5 cents ‘L’ shaped, sloppy plot. But now, a simple yet elegant three-storey house stands in this space. Wonder how? Read on.

Designer Wajid Rahman from ‘Hierarchitects’ has wisely utilized the space to give a simple and classy look for the entire house. The small courtyard in front of the house is paved with tiles. A beautiful interplay of traditional and modern architecture can be seen in the entire house. Since the plot is sloppy, the basement floor is not easily visible from outside, giving it the look of a two-story house. The claddings done on the outer walls with slate stones and terracotta tiles add to the charm of this elegant home. This simple home is best suited for a family of three.

A car porch and utility area take up the basement floor. Living space, dining area, work area, kitchen, prayer area and a bedroom are on the middle floor. On the upper most floor, there are two bath-attached bedrooms, a small library, family living space and a balcony.

A small elegant prayer area welcomes you to the interior of the house and there is a family living area adjacent to it. The beautiful courtyard at the living area is indeed an eye-catching feature of this home. This was, in fact, a path, which led to Vincent’s ancestral home right behind this plot. The Abet wall here ensures privacy to the living area, and the glass paneling above it and on the two sides let in enough natural light. The furniture is made in rub wood.

The dining area is designed in a minimal style. Since the couple is equally interested in cooking, the kitchen is lavishly made up in an open style. The main kitchen has lots of storage space and most of the cooking takes place in the work area.

The rubwood steps of the staircase give it a classy look. The small library and reading area on the top floor are another interesting features of this house. The family living area near the library is a cozy little space for the family members to have a nice time together.

The bay windows and sky lights in the bedrooms bring in lots of fresh air and natural light into the rooms. There are inbuilt wardrobes in the bedrooms. The two bathrooms on the top floor have sky lights in it. There is even a pergola skylight on top of the stairway, ensuring natural lighting in the entire house.

An interesting feature in the elevation of this house is its roof made with Hurudees blocks. The mud tiles paved on it not only makes it look beautiful but also helps to lessen the heat inside the house.

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