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This Wayanad home is perfectly in sync with nature

by Monday , September 11 2017 10:35

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Nagaramkunnu is an extremely beautiful place, which is nine kilometers away from Bathery on Wayanadu-Mysore road. A magical smell of coffee lingers in the air here and it attracts quite a lot of travelers and nature lovers to this place. Vigil was one such enthusiastic traveler who loved the misty mornings and serene nature of Wayanad. Five years ago, he married Asha, a dentist from Sultan Batherry, and made Wayanad his second home.

Vigil and Asha’s environmental friendly single-storey house stands pretty in 10 cents, in the middle of a vast coffee plantation. This 1,350 square feet budget house has all the requirements for a small family to live comfortably. There is a car porch, living space, two bath-attached bedrooms and kitchen in the house.

The car porch is a bit projected towards the front and there is a veranda around it, which adds a feeling of warmth to the entire house. Though the living-cum-dining area is a little small, it looks spacious and vast. The designer has wisely utilized the spaces and has done many tricks to make the house look spacious.

The dining space is in the open style. Here, an entire wall is made beautiful by pasting ceramic cladding stones. The pebble decoration on the floor and roses planted in it is a pretty sight to watch.

Two custom-made leather sofas adorn the living space. Wooden flooring is done in the living area to separate it from the dining space.

A six-seater dining table here, which is made of wood and glass, is simple, and the hanging lights above it enhance the elegance of the entire space. A fan is fixed on the side wall instead of fixing it right above the dining table.

The mica pantry showcase beside the dining table is quite an eye-catching feature. White is the predominant color used in the interiors, The yellow highlighter in the dining area wall is perfectly in sync with the entire color tone of the house. The kitchen is simple and a storage unit is built in plywood with a wooden finish. The two bath-attached bed rooms have inbuilt wooden wardrobes.

The entire house follows a minimalist style. The owner of the house was determined to build his dream abode on a fixed budget. So unnecessary expenses were avoided by keeping away extravagant decorations. But it was a little difficult to bring the construction materials to the site through Wayanad ‘churam’ (mountain pass). This difficulty in transportation resulted in some unexpected expenses as well.

Vigil wanted to build an extra room to accommodate his visiting relatives who wanted to enjoy the serene beauty of Wayanad. So instead of confining them to concrete rooms, he decided to give them a treat of nature. Recently, he built a beautiful tree house, which is perfectly in harmony with the charming nature around.

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