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Home decor ideas

Perfection as prescription: Doc designs own home

by Thursday , June 14 2018 15:22

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Ayurveda is his forte. But the doctor has proved that he can also be quite an ace at designing, planning and building. Here’s proof for doubters in the doctor’s designer home, a structure he visualized and actualized.

Today, Dr Asghar C P, who runs the Greens Ayurveda Resort in Azhiyoor, is thrilled to bits with his dream home and invites folks across to have a peek inside the place which stands close to the resort.

The elevation in itself is an eye-catcher. The stand-out features are the similar looking beams on either side of the structure which support the roofing in wood. Cladding tiles on the walls outside enhance the exterior chic. The housetop is a mix of roofing tiles, concrete and sheet. Only 50% of the roofing has been concreted. All these elements keep the heat from descending down. This keeps the insides cool at all times.

The 3,100 sq ft elevation stands on 13 cents of land. Specially-made mudstones cover the compound walls. This is a striking feature which adds to the aesthetics of the house and the tiles spread over the walls complete the outside dcor. The garden area has been set up with laterite stones. The car porch sits on one side of the house and two porticos along the long verandah are again design elements which accentuate the exterior effects.

The insides comprise living, dining and upper living areas along with a kitchen and four bedrooms with attached bathrooms. Care has been taken to give the interiors an old charm touch along with the most modern. Most of the furniture has been sourced from an antique shop in Thazhathangadi. While granite covers the floors down, the top floor has been completely covered with wood.

The interiors are bright and airy. The ceiling close to the drawing room is in double height and the skylights above bring in the light. A cladding-tiled wall is what marks out the area where the light streams in. Along with the roominess, there’s privacy too.

The staircase is designed in wood with toughened glass for handrails. The staircase opens out on to a small hall upstairs. The wooden flooring and ceiling look rich and elegant.

The bedrooms are simple and exude an old-world charm. The shelves and mirrors remind one of glorious days gone by. There are plenty of windows all around to bring in Nature’s bounty inside.

The well-designed kitchen has wood-matching ceramic tiles on the walls. One could easily mistake the complete design for wood dcor. The floor has wood-finish tiles.

The doctor credits the original design of the house to the extensive research he did on houses, designs and structures. A lot of magazines were pored over and this helped a lot, he says. The family is happy in that each member’s design dreams could be incorporated.

Project facts:

Loction: Chungam, Kozhikode

Area: 3100 sq ft

Plot: 13 cents

Owner & designer: Dr Asghar C.P.

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