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Kochi: Saju and his wife Shaly had stars in their eyes when visions of their home would pop up. But how good would their dream house look like and feel on three cents of land? That was the moot question. However, this practical fact was the least of their concerns. All they wanted was a house, which looked special. And special it is, in every way. On a moderate budget of Rs 30 lakh, the Saju-Shaly couple’s house in Vennala is chic and cool.

Despite land constraints, the couple had clear ideas as to how their house should shape up. Shaly admitted she was deeply indebted to the internet and magazines on home-style and dcor, from where she gleaned info and a peek into the glamour quotient.

Shaly’s engineer friend Leena who sketched the design made minimal changes to the plans laid out by the couple. They then scouted around for the right builders, workers and materials.

The layout of the land was such that a house could be constructed only on three cents despite the couple buying up half a cent of land later, which lay adjacent to their plot.

Of the three bedrooms in the dwelling, two are on the upstairs. The living and dining areas are open, which lets in air and light. There’s no partition and this gives the place a sense of openness.

As the couple was apprehensive that the size of the plot would prevent having more ventilation and light, all the rooms have wide windows with horizontal bars to maximize the air flow.

The walls have been built with cement bricks.

What makes the house so special is its exquisite woodwork. The first thing that strikes the eye is the aesthetic use of wood. All the wardrobes come in mahogany. The TV stand is set in veneer cladding.

The kitchen is totally a made-over effort. The cupboards from a dismantled old office were polished and transformed into kitchen cabinets here. They were made of teak wood.

The false ceiling in gypsum complements the look of the living room and it’s stained to look like wood.

The couple went to Bangalore shopping for granite. And the finest quality has been used here. The granite, which dresses the flooring and dining sections (Rs 110 per sq ft), is what gives the place a rich hue. The bedrooms have been laid with comparatively less expensive granite (Rs 80 per sq ft).

Ordinary floor tiles make up the wash area. Cladding with matching designs adorns the wall space along the stairway to prevent the place from being dirtied. Each bedroom wall sports a different color.

The fridge and the inverter find their niche under the staircase.

Project facts

Area: 1,550 sq ft

Architect: Leena Shylan, Kochi.

Owner: Saju V.F., Vennala, Kochi

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