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by Saturday , May 13 2017 09:51

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The design of this house at Thazhechowa in Kannur is inspired by some unique shadow play. Perhaps that’s the reason why interior designer Ramgopal and Hitha’s named their home ‘Schatten’, which means shadow in German. The house is unique in every aspect right from conceptualization to execution.

Play of shadows is a major element that features in the design of the house. The design gels beautifully and effortlessly with the surroundings. Even the color combinations and materials used stand out for its uniqueness.

The plot that used to be once barren and arid is today an oasis of greenery. Landscaping has been done on a small section of the plot, complete with a seating area, lotus pond and a small waterhole.

The house follows a tropical-modern style architecture and is the brainchild of architect Vipin and Ramgopal himself.

The major suspense factor about the design is that this house has been given two different faces. When you view the house from the front and the back, the house appears entirely different.

The highlight in the interior decor is the various color themes chosen for the walls.

This is evident in the formal living area as well. An opening given by a double height pergola ensures that there is sufficient natural lighting across the interiors. A puja room that exudes positive energy set on the top floor needs a special mention.

The car parking space has a special touch too. Instead of conventional style roofing, a metal frame covered in passion fruit vines acts as the natural roof for the car porch.

Kadappa stone has been used for the landscape flooring whereas in the interiors,

La Potra finish granite has been used. For the walls, cement has been used in the mud plastering style.

There is no doubt that ‘Schatten’ has so much in store to amaze and impress us at every turn.

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