This contemporary home in Thiruvalla is a beauty against all odds

by Monday , May 15 2017 13:00

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When Vimal John of Mulamoottil House in Tiruvalla surveyed the narrow and uneven layout of the land on which he visualized his dream house coming up, he was in a fix. How impressive would its elevation be? But the house turned out to be a visual treat when completed on a budget of Rs 26 lakh, which included the compound wall as well.

Today, John is a happy man. What makes the house stand out is its unusual design and the amazing contemporariness of its interiors. The house was built beating all odds and defying old-time theories of architecture. The 1,650 sq ft house now stands proudly on nine-and-a-half cents of land. The house looks zany and very mod because of the deft way it has been set to the ups and downs of the land.

The plot lies 4.5 metres below road-level and that too in two inclinations. The main part of the house was built to level up with the road and the other stands below the road level. You can go to the lower level by winding your way down though the main plot.

The design is ultra contemporary. The foyer and the living room have ceilings in gypsum folds. The open space in front of the house offers ample area for car parking and landscaping.

The car porch adjacent to the house has been done up with MS pipes and polycarbonate sheets. The foundation sits on concrete pillars.

The walls have been done up with interlocking terracotta bricks and some parts of the walls have been left as they are. They have not been cemented, thereby giving the place a natural look.

The bedroom cupboards in aluminium hylum sheets give it a smooth finish. The main doors, which open out are of teak and the rest of the doors and windows are in mahogany and “anjili”.

The kitchen cabinets are of Marine plywood. Vitrified tiles have been used for flooring. The foyer, living room, sit-out, a bedroom, kitchen and work area are on the road-level floor. A balcony next to the work area brings in the breeze and shows the lush greenery from an open and vast paddy tract outside.

The lower level of the house has a living area, the dining section and three bedrooms. But the family has improvised a nook where the dining can be done up itself. There are two common toilets in the upper area. A prayer area in the foyer has been done up in plywood. Wall stickers in the living room add color to the place.

The staircase railings are made of round pipes in matte finish stainless steel. The staircase landing is spectacular for its multi-colored glass which covers the grilled section.

Project facts

Location: Tiruvalla

Area: 1,650 sq ft

Cost Rs 26 lakhs

Designers: K.R. Akhil, Rijo. K. Vaidyan

GW Architects, Adoor, Kollam

Owner: Vimal John

Mulamoottil House

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