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The structure that lends a colonial touch to Koyilandy

by Wednesday , July 26 2017 09:57

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The elevation is imposing, every bit colonial. This stately house in Koyilandy was brought to life by designer Sandeep Kollarkandy who stuck to all the demands laid down by its owner, Pramod.

A house in colonial style was the owner’s first demand. The second stipulation was direct visual access from the kitchen to the main gate and the ancestral house by the side of the new structure. The elevation thus has a slight tilt of 45 degrees on either side to fulfill these needs. The shillings atop the roof lend the house its total colonial look. Another striking feature of the colonial style is the dormer windows. The sit-out is flanked by the kitchen to the left and the living room to its right.

A grand car porch, right in front of the house lends it character. A glass pergola sits perched atop the porch. The porch leads up to the sit-out. It’s the dining hall that one enters into right from the sit-out. One can also land inside the dining room straight through the punch window from the sit-out.

Though the structure has a floor area of 2,900 sq ft, the rooms have been built in such a way so as to give it an impression of far more expansiveness. As the family lives abroad at present, the interiors have been given minimal design elements. The highlight of the living room is the gypsum-board fold ceiling. The wooden finish paint gives out the impression and feel of sleek wood. The custom-made living room furniture adds a touch of sophistication. The furniture, stairway, steps, banisters, frames and other accessories are finished in teak wood. An opening atop the stairway roof brings in the light. Vitrified tiles adorn the floors.

There are four bedrooms. While the ground floor hosts two bedrooms, the living-dining rooms, kitchen and work area, there are two bedrooms, a hall and a balcony upstairs. The master bedroom looks stylish with its fold ceiling. The most colorful part of the house is the children’s room with cartoon characters playing on the walls.

The kitchen, though minimalist in style, is a piece of art work with a small dining nook sitting pretty inside.

The house stands on 65 cents of land and all of it has been landscaped making the place look like a green carpet spread around. Interlocking bricks adorn the garden. The positive energy within the house and outside makes it a haven of joy and comfort.

Project facts:

Area: 2,900 sq ft

Plot: 65 cents

Place: Koyilandy

Year of completion: 2015

Owner: Pramod

Design: Sandeep Kollarkandy, Overaa Architectural Consultancy


Mob: 9447740622

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