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Take a stroll in this designer's Rs 27L nature home | Video

by Monday , June 11 2018 08:07

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When designers get to build their own dream homes, they actualise their concepts in the most concrete and most unexpected styles, like how designer Arun Murali has dressed up his abode in Kollam. Eco-friendly and cost-effective, the house wears novelty, aesthetics and out-of-the-box design elements.

Welcome to this 1,650 sq ft designer’s designer house in Kallada, Kollam. Standing daintily on 8 cents of land, the structure took just about Rs 27 lakh for its completion.

The striking feature of the elevation is the car porch, set a little away from the main structure. Pyramidal in shape, it gives the effect of roofs sliding down to meet the earth. The tiles stand supported by square tubes. An outstanding design element of the house is its cycle installation on the upper floor. The louver windows bring in air and light in good measure inside.

Four bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a drawing room, dining room and kitchen are what make up the insides. The designer has stretched his imagination to bring in unthought of style elements within the interiors.

A large triangular book shelf leaps out of the drawing room wall. The dining room ceiling has a spread out display of cycle rims. So is the staircase handrail. Cycle rims look all set to roll up as they wind their design look all the way up the stairway. A break in the wall by the side of the stairway sports pillars made of bamboo.

The drawing room is in double height. Square blocks of MS sheets give the false ceiling of the drawing room a different look. Wood covers the ceiling of the ground floor. The same wood is what covers the floor of the upper storey. Hence, there is no call for a different sort of flooring for the upper storey. Most of the furnishing has been done up in acacia wood.

A small lotus pond near the wash area looks fetching. The vertical skylights in MS frames here bring in natural light and breeze.

The bedrooms have been kept simple and give out a great deal of positive energy. The ceilings here too sport the designer touch. Wardrobes provide sufficient storage space.

There is a four-seat dining table close to the open kitchen built in island style.

If you care for the environment and love it, it will love you back, says the designer. The materials used inside keep the entire space cool at all times. All the rooms too enjoy bright, natural lighting. Hence, there is no need to switch on the power by day.

There’s nothing showy or flashy about Arun Murali’s house. But it is a true showpiece!

Cost-cutting measures:

Limited use of concrete

No wall plastering

Re-use of old wood

Terracotta floor tiles

Interlocking bricks for walls

Maximum utilisation of space

Project facts:

Location: Kallada, Kollam

Area: 1,650 sq ft

Plot: 8 cents

Owner: Arun Murali

Designers: Arun Murali, Razim

Insight Architectural Ideas, Kundara

Mob: 9995970912

Completed in May 2018.

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