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Home decor ideas

Sprucing up home for a newborn's arrival

by Monday , October 08 2018 13:06

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The environs of a house and the habits of its inhabitants change significantly when a baby is born. However, how many of you are ready to change the interiors to welcome your little bundle of joy?

Experts say that altering the interiors to make it more baby-friendly will not only provide a safe environment but also influence the physical and mental growth of the child.

When the baby begins to crawl, he likes to explore every nook and corner of the house, and this could often turn dangerous as well. It is important to either discard or temporarily shift the furniture which could be dangerous for the babies.

Hygiene plays a major role in the health of the kids. The floor should always be kept clean and washed with antibacterial solutions. Babies who crawl on all fours would put their hands in mouths quite often.

This may lead to diseases like diarrhea and bacterial infections. Similarly, when the baby is laid on carpets, make sure that the small strands of it do not cause allergies in babies. Babies shouldn’t be laid on carpets or mats which we step on wearing footwear.

Scout around the house to find any small nails, screws or other sharp objects which may not have been noticed by us earlier. It is natural for the babies to put anything that they find into their mouths as oral exploration is a key developmental stage.

Make sure that harmful or dangerous objects are not kept where the babies can reach out. Do not make the babies sit on furniture which has height as they may fall off and get injured.

It is advised to leave the rooms vacant without much furniture around, so that the babies can crawl and walk freely without the risk of getting injured. Safety gates should be installed to prevent the babies from climbing the steps. Indoor plants or things which could break very easily shouldn’t be kept in the interiors at least until the child is past 4 years old.

Medicines or medical kit too should not be kept where the babies can reach their hands. Small objects which could be easily swallowed by the babies should be kept away from the their sight.

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