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This traditional Malappuram house has a vintage charm

by Tuesday , August 07 2018 07:24

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In Malappuram district’s wooded Nilambur area stands Rajim, a new house constructed in traditional 'nalukettu' architecture with the typical four-part house with a courtyard at its centre.

This 3,000 square-feet structure is on a 30-cent plot and occupies the space where the family had their traditional house. Of course, Rajim came up as per the taste and suggestions of its owner.

The plot is uneven, and that was turned to the advantage of the house, which has its portions at stylishly different levels. Sitting inside, you can take in the beauty of the leafy sights around. The tiles are from the earlier house, made to look fresh. The walls have neatly-cut laterite stones with exposed claddings.

The interiors are spacious enough to accommodate fairly large number of guests. The formal living area has been set a way that leads itself to the central courtyard. The whole set of furniture in the house is made of vintage wood.

Vitrified tiles and granite stones are paved neatly on the floor. The family living area features the added charm of musical instruments and antique clocks. Adjacent to it goes up a staircase, made of wood. The floor above houses just a bedroom.

The courtyard is effectively the source of life in the household. The main door opens to the veranda along the four sides of the courtyard. To the right of the door is the formal living area. All the four ground-floor bedrooms open to the sights of the courtyard. The dining room is on one side of the courtyard. It can double as an airy pond, keen to receive both the intermittent rains and sunlight into its waters that has fish as well.

It is a pleasant experience to enjoy the showers and the sunlight sitting by the side of the courtyard. The tiles are angled such that all the rainwater falling on the roof would flow down to the courtyard.

The house five has bedrooms that look tastefully simple. They feature furniture that is made of old wood.

There are three kitchens. The one with a modular kitchen has a breakfast counter. Adjacent, there is a working kitchen and a work area.

At Rajim, one needn’t have to venture out to enjoy sunlight or rains. And that is the highlight in the midst of the owner’s love for traditional architecture when many are after new-age tastes.

Project Facts

Location: Nilambur, Malappuram

Area: 3000 SFT

Plot: 30 cents

Owner: Abdu Rahiman

Architect: Hareesh P R Green Square Architects, Edakkara

Mobile phone: 97476 22995

Year of completion: 2018.

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