Splendid interiors, awesome look- and the net cost is Rs 35 lakh!

by Sunday , March 26 2017 11:41

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Welcome to Anil Bhavan. This house in Irinjalakuda stands on 19 cents of land and has been built with sheer utility in mind.

All rooms are spread across the ground floor and the minimal first storey has been built at a reduced height, owing to the presence of a temple nearby.

The first storey doesn’t have any room, except the closed space built around the landing of the stairs. This space opens into an open terrace.

The sit out is L-shaped and has been built at a reduced height so that the terrace on top of it can accommodate a flowerbed.

As the aim was to build the house at a reduced cost, all luxury components were given a miss. Even the pieces of furniture used are old ones.

The exterior has a minimalist look. Tile cladding and deployment of GI pipes in building the parapet have effectively reduced the cost.

Six pillars find their place around the sit out. The cladding around the pillars and the window sills that boast a square shape render a contemporary look to the house. The same pattern has been ensured right from the gate.

As the building was to house a family of three, the plan was such that it included two bedrooms and a study room for the child.

Four bathrooms are there. Apart from the bedroom-attached bathrooms, two common bathrooms with entrance from the dining room and from outside the house have been included.

The wash area finds its place beneath the stairs.

While the front door is of teakwood, all other doors are readymade. The windows, in the meantime, have been made of pincoda wood.

The walls have been constructed with locally available cut stones. This has help in cutting costs considerably.

The cupboards in the kitchen and bedrooms have been made of aluminium hylam sheets.

The windows have four doors, with the bottom ones constructed big and the top ones smaller. This helps in keeping open only the top windows open.

All the rooms come with 2x2 size ivory hued tiles. The cost incurred per sq m comes to around Rs 35.

As the family doesn’t own a car, a separate porch has not been constructed. However, provision for a car porch has been made in case one needs to be constructed in future.

Project Facts

Location: Moorkkanad, Irinjalakuda.
Area: 2,000 sq ft
Cost: Rs 35 Lakh
Designer: Jose D’Silva
LabSeven, Irinjalakuda
Owner: Reji Anil,
Moorkkanad, Irinjalakuda

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