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This three-storey, 6,000 sq ft house is often mistaken for a posh hotel

by Wednesday , July 19 2017 12:03

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Hafis is a true businessman. Perhaps that’s reason why he couldn’t keep business out of his mind even when he built a new house. Sitting pretty in an eight-cent plot, the two top floors of Hafis’ 6,000 square feet house have been let out.

Although the exterior of the three-storey house makes it look like a posh hotel or an auditorium, the charming interior is homely enough that it fills you with a positive energy. The owner wanted the exterior look of the house to stand out, and the designer of the building, Ijas, met all his demands even as he gave it a contemporary style.

The blue-and-white stripe pattern of the elevation is quite an eye catching feature. The box structured elevation does not have any balconies but the glass windows bring in ample daylight inside the building. The owner and his family lives in the 1,750 square feet ground floor, which is spacious enough for family gatherings.

The niches in veneer finish, gypsum-veneer false ceiling and cove lighting add to the charm of this house. The skylight openings bring in natural light.

The furniture is designed to blend with the theme of the interior setting. The dining area and the family living are open; the false ceiling and hanging lamps right above the dining table make the space look all the more regal.

There is a small courtyard opposite the formal living where synthetic grass is laid on the floor. The pergola has a glass sheet on its top; a swing is also hung in this area. A 360 degree revolving TV unit parts the formal living and the courtyard. The floors are in marble and the walls of the prayer room are highlighted by wood-panel wall papers.

A minimal style is adopted in the kitchen. The cabinets and cupboards are veneer finish. There is a small breakfast table in the kitchen. The royal white theme is continued in the ceiling of the kitchen too.

The two bedrooms are bath-attached with dressing areas and wardrobes. Roman curtains are used for the windows in the bedroom.

As the upper floors are rented out, they are not furnished. The aluminum tress worked roof gives enough space for storage. Trees are planted in the plot to get sufficient shade.

The interior of this house is definitely a treat to one’s eyes. No wonder Hafiz and his family are so happy about their new abode – it really is a dream hous

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