Chef Nimmy Paul's house in Kochi is every inch a heritage home

by Friday , March 31 2017 10:37

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When cookery expert Nimmy Paul decided to have her 100-year-old elegant home renovated, she was particular that heritage and tradition be not tampered with. Makeover, facelift or whatever! She did not want even a hint of the flashy mod to touch her house, famous for its sophistry and impeccable dcor of its interiors. Today, renovation done, the house looks every bit vintage as it was a century ago!

One would be amazed at the aesthetics of the interiors. Every inch a heritage home, things have been done up meticulously. The dining and the drawing section has heritage and pedigree written all over. Though a few damaged floor tiles have been replaced, the work is hardly recognizable as they have been replaced by tiles of the same color and size. A wax coating gives them sheen and polish.

The ceiling has been cleaned and the dead wood rafters replaced with new ones of the same color and texture. Here too, it’s difficult to make out the difference.

The old world charm of Kerala verandahs stands untouched. Almost all the pillars have been retained. A fortifying mix of cement has replaced the lime base, which makes up the structure on which the pillars stand.

Nimmy Paul’s collection of photos, cleaned and re-framed, has found pride of place on the verandah walls. No compromise on lampshades either. While shopping for new ones, care was taken to look out for toned and tasteful ones, reminiscent of those good old days.

The kitchen is a leaf out of an old album. Steeped in the story of generations, only a touch here and a shift there has been effected. The kitchen dcor spells style and all the cabinets are of wood.

The sink has shutters in louver designs. A crockery shelf modeled after almirahs of yore and stands regally, complementing the kitchen.

Retaining the home’s rustic finish is the new washbasin along the corridor with a long mirror above it lit up by old style lights.

With wicker and bamboo baskets and an old “muram” (sieve to winnow grain”) on the wall, the kitchen is a copy-paste of bygone days. The earthen pots and a grinding stone complete the picture.

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