A trendy retreat with modern sophistication

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Kaithayil House is imposing and modern. The 2,900 sq ft house is big and sprawling and sits loftily on 25 cents of land in Kalletumkara, Thrissur.

Suresh Babu and family set out to have their house built with a few concepts. It should be trendy, modern, and at the same time, easy to clean and maintain.

The interiors are chic. There’s nothing that jars the overall look. It’s been kept minimalist in design.

The 2,900 sq ft house stands on 25 cents of land.

The interiors have been done up in a combination of teak and white in PU finish.

The living room has been beautifully done up in natural stone cladding.

Multiwood cabinets in PU-finish give the kitchen its sophisticated look. The same wood has been used for the wardrobes too. As multiwood is termite-resistant, it’s being used widely these days.

The 10-ft high wardrobes enjoy lavish loft space too. Bags and items that are not always used can be stored here and the lofts see that dust does not settle on the wardrobes.

Wallpapers in bedrooms look attractive

The dining table has a layer of veneer covering marine plywood and looks sturdy and stylish.

The beds and side tables have all been built with laminated MDF.

The bedroom furniture have been designed and crafted as per the dimensions of each room.

The wet and dry areas of the bathrooms have glass partitions.

The doors and windows are in teak and pincoda wood.

The granite flooring gives a rich look.

Concealed lights enliven the ceilings and paneling in the bedrooms. The whole house is awash with LED lighting.

All rooms have gypsum fold ceilings. Drop ceilings for the purpose of lighting effects have been provided to add to the ambiance of each room.

The zebra blinds give the windows an ultra chic look.

Project facts

Location: Kalletumkara, Thrissur

Area: 2900 sq ft

Interior : Vijo Lawrence, Woodnest Interiors



Owner: Suresh Babu, Kaithayil House.

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