This Zen-style home is a calm oasis in a sea of stress

by Tuesday , May 09 2017 12:40

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Peace, harmony, tranquility and balance. These are words often associated with Buddhism. Perhaps for the same reason, Zen-inspired decor is popular even among non-believers in the west.

Apparently, the owners of this duplex flat on the 19th floor of HiLite Hills Apartment in Calicut feel Buddha has the most peaceful countenance of all. Hence, they asked their interior designer to go for a Buddha theme to bring in peace and positive vibes into their home.

From wall art to curios to mirrors, there is a touch of ‘Buddha enlightenment’ in each and every thing in this house. Two paintings of Buddha’s face is the main attraction in the living room. Right below this, there is a modern design gray colored leather sofa. The walls, flooring and this sofa follows a gray-beige combo theme.

Two single-seat sofas placed here is of orange velvet and this along with the colorful embroidered cushions add a splash of color to the overall decor in the living space.

The dining area has a beige-gray neutral color theme. A Tanjore painting hung beside the dining table brightens up this space. The table and chairs follow the same color code as the rest of the decor.

A laser cut decorative veneer panel with attractive leaf motif makes the wash area stand out. The false ceiling has a superb addition of a linear pattern lighting design.

Stair area

The highlight in the stair area is the European style floral design wall paper. An antique gold finish painting goes extremely well with this look. The furniture here is an ivory-colored console table. The elegant design is sure to catch your eye. A bronze statue of Buddha and flowers in a light blue glass vase is placed on this.


The L-shaped kitchen is quite compact but equipped with all the necessary modern amenities. The highlight in the kitchen area is the pristine white glass shutters and the white countertops. The refrigerator and the oven are placed as part of the built-in cabinets to save up on space. All appliances, including the mixer-grinder, is black and this adds to the beauty of the kitchen decor.

Terrace area

The terrace area of the apartment has been designed like a small courtyard. The puja space also opens onto the terrace area. This area is quite breezy and ideal as a meditation spot. A decor element here is the laser cut pattern sand stone panels. LED lights given in a special pattern on the panels makes evenings appear blissful too.


All the bedrooms in the apartment have been furnished with classic touches. Thepredominant color theme used are neutral tones. The darker tones are used only forthe bed spreads and for the cushions. Floral wall paper adds to the beauty of the wall near the head-board in all bedrooms. A balcony in every bedroom allows you to enjoy the regal 19th floor views. The glass wall near the reading chair inside the bedrooms also provides excellent city views.

Designer: Dr. Janis Naha Sajeed

A positive approach to design

The base requirement for lovely interiors is undoubtedly a great design. Whether it is a house or an apartment, if designed well, interiors can be done up in any style.

Take into consideration the culture, peculiarities of the locales, climates etc. when opting for an interior design style.

It would be good if there is some form of unity or binding factor when it comes to color themes, decor elements or finishes across all the rooms.

The decor elements used as the focal point or highlight should not dominate or confuse in any way. It should gel effortlessly.

Take care not to overload or fill up the room to the brim with many pieces of furniture. Sometimes space itself is an element of simple sophistication.

There has to be a ‘positive space’ in every room that imbibes in the occupants good vibes and a special energy. To achieve this, tastes, likes or interests of the family should be clearly communicated to theinterior designer.

Project Facts

Area - 3000 Sq Ft

Designer - Janis Naha Sajeed

360 Degree Design, Calicut

Location - Calicut

Year of Completion - January 2016

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