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This is the house where 'Uppum Mulakum' lad Kesu lives

by Wednesday , October 10 2018 11:06

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Al Sabith is the real name of Kesu, who is popular among mini screen audience who watch the TV sitcom 'Uppum Mulakum'. He has endeared himself to millions of TV viewers with his quick-witted retorts and Jughead-like appetite.

Behind the scenes, there is different story that Al Sabith rarely shares. He is a proud occupant of a house, which he saved from debt traps.

“My house is located at Kalanjoor in Pathanamthitta district where I live with my mother. I am a sixth standard student at St Mary’s School, Pathanapuram,” reveals Al Sabith.

“My busy shooting schedule prevents me from attending classes regularly. But my teachers and friends are very supportive. They send me notes on WhatsApp,” says the boy.

Al Sabith has to do a lot of travelling for his shooting assignments. During this time, he misses his house a lot. “I’ve stayed at many luxurious hotels, but that doesn’t give me the happiness of sleeping in my own house,” he says.

The house is decorated with gifts and mementos the young actor has received. Some of the photos and trophies are kept in his bedroom too. Being engaged in work most of the time, Al Sabith makes only brief visits to his home. Due to this, the house lacks a study table and the young boy uses the dining table to do his class lessons.

About his ambition, Al Sabith says, “Earlier, I wanted to become a soldier. Sometime later, I dreamed of a career as a pilot. But now I want to study well and crack the civil service exam to become an IAS officer.”

Al Sabith’s mother Beena provides some details of their family. “Though I belong to Konni, I came to Kalanjoor after marriage and bought a four-cent plot where we built a two-storeyed house,” she says.

However, soon after Al Sabith was born, Beena received a big blow. Her husband abandoned her and Al Sabith, who was still an infant then.

“We were in a severe financial crisis. I didn’t know how to repay the loan taken to build the house. At one stage, the creditors gave notice to seize our only property,” says Beena.

Luckily, good fortune smiled on the hapless family. “Al Sabith received the call to act in a TV serial and that saved us,” says his mother.

The family soon paid off their debts with the money the child artist received from his acting assignments. The house has a living room, dining area, kitchen and four bedrooms.

“Recently, we bought a new car and installed a roofing sheet in front of the house to park it,” says Beena.

“It is by God’s grace that we could keep the house with us. Moreover, it was due to Al Sabith’s own efforts that we still live here. So, both of us hold the house close to our hearts,” adds Beena.

“We believe God will be with us in future too,” she adds hopefully.

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