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by Saturday , June 17 2017 13:23

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Much before “Smeram” took shape, its owner Sashish Kumar demanded of its architect that the three elements, wind, air and light, in their natural form, be the foundation of his yet-to-be-designed house.

Add to this the luxury of open space. Architect Peter Jose abided by his commitment and gave special importance to expansiveness. Thus came up Smeram, which means smile. The house and all its inhabitants should always wear a smile of joy. Smeram now stands smiling in Manakodam near Thuravoor.

Minimalism is the prominent theme. Viewed from outside, the house is a cuboid. The two-storied structure houses four bedrooms, a hall and a kitchen. Step in and get set to be stunned. The small garden inside beats all concepts of aesthetics. It’s like a slice of greenery indoors highlighting the formal living space.

A plumeria (chembakam) and small bamboos grow from inside on a stretch of synthetic lawn. There’s a courtyard in the main hall, covered by pergola. Its glass covering set above by a feet ensures fresh flow of air inside and out. Yet another courtyard stands just above the staircase.

There’s a perceptible limit in the wood used inside. The custom-made furniture defines the sophisticated look of the house. Toughened glass and UPVC make up the windows and doors. While ceramic tiles cover the bedroom floors, it’s vitrified tiles all over and elsewhere.

Not only is Smeram very chic, it’s high on hi-tech too. It’s automation techniques that’s in play inside. The fingerprint sensor on the main door ensures double security. It’s automation again, which helps water the plants on the terrace.

The LED economizes on power consumption and the indirect lighting used inside heightens the visual effect of the interiors. It’s an open kitchen here.

The house stands on a sprawling 72 cents of land, beautifully and aesthetically landscaped. A small pond in the front enhances the landscape’s layout. Even when it’s blazing hot outside, it’s cool inside. And the bright natural light sees to it that there’s no need for artificial lighting by day. With Nature for its theme and feel, Smeram, is bound to be everybody’s favorite haunt.

Smeram lives up to its name on every count. Smile and keep smiling!

Project facts

Area: 3,008 sq ft

Owner Sashish Kumar

Mob: 9947074455

Architect: Peter Jose

Mob: 9947017211

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