The green seam of this Malappuram house blends with nature's hues

by Friday , March 31 2017 16:00

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Haneefa’s dwelling stands in serene splendor in the rustic ambiance of Athanikkal, a 35-km drive from Malappuram town.

A blend of the traditional and the contemporary, what gives the elevation its regal expansiveness is the color mix of pastel green and pristine white. Standing on 20.5 cents of land, the 4,150 sq ft house looks imposing with its multi-level sloping roofs.

The basic elements of air, light and space have been combined effectively by A.M. Faisal, principal designer of Nirman Designs in Manjeri. The pergola, wall claddings and designs below the roofs spell contemporariness and enhance the look of the building, which was what the owner wanted.

The house has two entrances, a main one and another by the side of the car porch. The interiors are crafted to perfection and complement the look of the exteriors in every way. Though minimalist in design, the subtle color scheme gives a heightened look to all the rooms. The lights add to the aesthetics and emit rich contrasts.

A formal living room, a family living, dining area, wash area, patio, kitchen, courtyard, five bedrooms with attached bathrooms and an upper living space complete Haneefa’s house.

Except for the sofa in the formal living room, the rest of the furniture is custom-made. You step from the sit-out right into the foyer and to its left is the formal living room. With its minimal accessories, the space with its wide windows lets in air and light and opens out to nature’s view outside.

The house has its private space without being cluttered by too many partitions. The pastel shades inside highlight the effect of the rooms along with the light fittings. The courtyard next to the family living, the ceiling and tiling styles make the place exquisitely beautiful.

The ambiance of the dining area is highlighted by the flooring and ceiling designs. The long, wide windows, which open outside to the greenery would be any designer’s dream. Close to it are the wash area and the common washroom. The mix of glass and wood gives the staircase space a stylish finish.

Each of the five rooms has its distinct ceiling design. The master bedroom in white and gray opens out onto a balcony. The designer has gone for texture paint in all bedrooms where the headrest is set.

The vertical design element used gives a fine view of the living space down below from the elevated upper living. The lack of clutter and minimal accessories gives the interiors their expansiveness.

The kitchen comes in pristine white, which makes it look spic and span. The hanging lights and other fittings make it look extra spacious. The L-shaped counter top in nano white rounds up the contemporariness.

While designing the house what Faisal bore in mind was the family’s request for space and expanse. With its minimalistic, yet aesthetically crafted design, this house stands out on an equally expansive landscape in the midst of a rustic setting merging its green hue with Nature’s green.

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