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This house offers an ingenious interplay of air and light | Video

by Thursday , July 20 2017 12:36

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Designer Faisal Nirman had to commit to the following demands on his client’s wish list:

A visually stunning elevation.

Perfect structural build to suit Kerala’s hot and humid climate.

A color scheme in total sync with the surrounding greenery and land shape.

Open-style interiors with emphasis on privacy.

A concept of minimalism in colors and interior aesthetics.

Abundance in natural lighting and air sources.

When Johar Harif and his wife Nishahath of Malappuram finally beheld Kalathingal House, they knew the architect had given a concrete shape to their dreams. The structure stands out for its mixed design elements and eye-catching slopes and boxes.

The 3,600 sq ft house stands on 36 cents of land. The mixed-style elevation has been designed bearing in mind the unpredictable nature of the Kerala climate. It’s a mix of sloped and curved roofs. The dormer windows on the elevation and the sloped roofs over the windows add to the novelty of structural elements. A box structure between the slopes gives a design twist to the structure. The shingles and natural cladding over the roof heighten the visual aesthetics. Cladding stones on the pillars enhance the look of the house.

What lends the house dignity are its white and sandy tones.

Next to the sit-out and car porch lies a pebble courtyard. A glass canopy over it adds to the charm. The L-shaped sit-out space looks neat and chic.

There’s a long strip of space or a foyer before one steps into the living room. The false ceiling over the space provides a taste of what to expect in the interiors.

A set of sliding and folding doors, meant to protect privacy, takes you to the formal living space. Marine ply and gypsum boards have gone into making the false ceiling here. The custom-made furniture units complement the ambiance of the space.

A light well in double height atop the dining room brings in sunlight into the space. The pergola is a perfect foil to the room’s design. Wall papers adorn the master bedroom. A small private prayer space stands adjoining the dining section.

A courtyard has been provided in the center of the house. Here too, a pergola on top allows the natural light to stream in. A hanging swing resting on artificial turf is not only an adornment, but also a source of relaxation. Two bedrooms, a spacious living space, balcony and an open terrace make the floor up look imposing.

The kitchen is the highlight of the house. Two skylights bring in abundant light. Simple and elegant, its white, beige and brown color tones make the space special. The lavish space here is its greatest attraction. A small breakfast counter with bar chairs makes it convenient for the woman of the house to serve food for those in a hurry or for those who can afford to have it in leisure. The nano-white marble tops round up the kitchen look.

The sprawling yard outside the kitchen is meant for vegetable farming. Another striking feature of the outdoors is its landscaping and the ample seating around the well. Want to rest, chill out or relax outside? The well-seat is an ideal place for all these. The natural stone and turf landscaping brightens up the outside.

When the designer handed over the house to its owners, the finished product was way above their expectations. Every nook has been accounted for and they have a definite purpose. What drives in such positive energy indoors are the natural elements of air and light which the house lets in, in immeasurable measure.

The grooved wooden stairway steps, walk-in wardrobes and stylish furnishings are the highlights of Kalathingal House.

Project facts:

Area: 3, 600 sq ft

Plot: 36 cents

Owner: Johar Harif, Malappuram

Designer: Faisal Nirman, Nirman Design, Ernakulam, Manjeri

Mob: 8137066766.

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