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Pearle takes centre stage at this elegant home | Video

by Friday , June 22 2018 10:41

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Everything about Pearle Maaney has got to be informal and zany, of course. That is, right from her stage struts to her mannerisms, to her hornet’s nest hair, natty chatter and now, to her home.

A house becomes a home when it comes alive with life, love and laughter. Pearle’s home, sweet home, has an abundance of all three.

It’s in the fitness of things that Pearle’s family is introduced before the camera pans the dcor. In this age of nuclear families, the young TV anchor’s home is an endearing exception. Pearle’s house, where the Vadakethala family resides in Aluva, is a small joint family unit. Her father Maaney is a well-known motivational speaker and mom Molly keeps the house. Her younger sister Rachel, a fashion designer, is back home after her studies in Bangalore. The credit of brightening up the interiors goes to Rachel. While the senior Maaney family lives down, the upper floor is occupied by Pearle’s uncle, her father’s younger brother and family. And the uncle’s wife happens to be Pearle’s mom’s sister. Therefore, it’s one merry family who livens up the place.

The thought of two siblings living under one roof popped up 14 years ago, when the house was being constructed. It was Pearle’s father who came up with the proposition. He popped the question to his younger brother David. Why not live in the same house without tripping on each other’s privacy? David was more than willing to go with his elder brother’s suggestion. That apparently was one of the finest decisions he had ever taken, says Pearle’s uncle David.

“Pearle is what she’s today thanks to the atmosphere of warmth and love our home emanated,' says Pearle’s mother. Values like love, tolerance and caring and sharing were imbibed from our home, says Pearle. Life would often come a full circle when friends and relatives of both the families descended on Vadakethala. These family gatherings taught Pearle the importance of valuing and holding relationships.

“Even when a child Pearle would be the star around whom everyone else would dance. It’s therefore, no small wonder to see her taking centre stage while on television,” says mom Molly.

Now for the Pearle-Rachel duo’s dcor. The sisters explain how they went in for the design elements. The girls transformed the entire insides and infused colour into an otherwise staid 14-year-old house.

The main door opens into a spacious hall. The white theme enhances the beauty of the open space. While Rachel and mom were all for whites, Pearle loved a splash of colours. Both the proclivities have found a fusion here. While the total space has been set in white, patches of vivid colours break the monotony of a single colour.

When the furniture is draped in white, the cushions, curtains and spreads sport rich colours. The false ceiling and warm-tone lights brighten up the hall. The wall which runs right from the drawing section to its extreme end in the hall has been given a wallpaper covering in glossy finish. A mirror set in the drawing room helps one to pep up before stepping out.

A 10-seat sprawling dining table sits in the middle of the dining section. But everything except dining is done here. A room just behind the dining space doubles up as the TV arbor and Pearle’s own ramshackle room. Sofa units pep up the place along with its wooden flooring.

Onto Pearle’s “chilling out” room from the tumble-down room. One can do just about anything here. The view outside is picture-perfect. The Periyar, on its journey to the sea, can be seen flowing by. This is one of the finest sights that can be accessed from the back of the house.

The walls are covered with paintings, all pretty kids’ stuff, among which stands out a sticker, apparently presented to Pearle by actor Mamta Mohandas. The shoot for the anchor’s “Pearle Maaney” show running on YouTube, is done from within this room. A window nearby has been converted to a bookshelf. A treadmill for Pearle’s workouts has also been set up here.

The kitchen is simple. This is Pearle’s mum’s world. And she loves plants. Tiny potted plants dot the niches here. A work area stands close by. A prayer space has been set up near the TV area.

Pearle and Rachel share a room which reflects the individual tastes of the sisters. The wall colours are in pink and white. A cupboard in pink and yellow, obviously a Pearle creation, is one of the highlights here. The walls are splattered with inspirational quotes.

A small garden patch adds to the comfy feel of the house. Though the house is bang next to the road, it has left room for a garden of modest proportions. As both the mums love gardening, the patch is full of trees and plants. Even the balcony has been turned into a mini garden. An added feature is a kitchen garden to one side of the house.

The anchor-actor is one happy lady today. Thrilled to bits with her latest movie outing 'Who' being screened at Cannes, Pearle is all set to for more. And the song “Who Are You”, she rendered for the movie is already trending on social media. All these are reasons enough to send Pearle into raptures.

Pearle credits the fullness of her life to her joint family from where she learnt a lot of lessons on how to take life head-on. Though it’s been a story of harmony, the all-in-one-family has not been without its occasional hiccups. But, the warmth and glow of love shared, are lessons which will help carry an individual through life’s storms, says Pearle.

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