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This 'all-terrain' house in Malappuram is beautiful

by Tuesday , January 22 2019 16:13

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This is one beautiful house which uses terrain to its advantage. The 2905 sq ft house, on 11.5 cents of land, sits on a plot with duel gradient. The first part of the plot is at road level and the other, three metre below it.

The design of the house takes due advantage of the plot, placing two bedrooms in the basement floor.

The slanting roof is paved with tiles to ring in a conventional look. One side of the elevation rises up in a wooden finish and accentuates the aesthetic appeal.

With interlocks and natural stones the main courtyard is a breath of freshness giving it a cobbled look. Interiors are tuned to the 'seamless' style where one area merges with the other. There is limited use of walls to enable adequate air circulation and cross-ventilation.

The furniture complements the interiors with laminate and fine veneer finish. The lavish vitrified tiling and tone-lighting lends the house a magnificent hue. The tasteful niches in the TV and living areas add to the beauty.

There are two more bedrooms on the ground floor, which also has a living area, kitchen and work area. The first floor has a balcony and another bedroom.

The metallic staircase has a coat of wood. The railing is done up with Mahagony and glass. Tucked beneath the stairs is the common washroom. The vertical skylight, carved out of the wall near the stairs lets in adequate light.

Quite close to the stairs is a well-laid courtyard, paved with artificial grass and pebbles. Continuing the cue, the adjacent wall is also beautified with cladding stones. The bedrooms are all equipped with washrooms and wardrobes.

The kitchen storage is in laminate finish and there is a six-seater dining table. The house, owned by Krishnaraj in Mancheri in Malappuram, was constructed at a cost of Rs. 32 lakh.

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