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A 4,500 sq ft house highlighted by tall pillars

by Friday , August 11 2017 11:32

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The tall pillars are what hit your eye the moment this 4,500 sq ft house pops up into vision. Built in a mixed contemporary style, the elevation on 17 cents of land in Cheruvadi, Kozhikode, is imposing, to say the least.

The owner, Moideenkutty, just about completed the structure and handed it over to designer Abdul Kareem to give it flesh and bone and complete it. The tall pillars and the truss GI sheets on flat roofs keep the house cool all through the changing weather patterns.

The house has been designed in such a way to extract the maximum space that was available. The insides are lavishly rich with fresh air and bright light. It’s into the formal living that one steps into from the garden. The double height given in all the rooms makes them look spaciousness and large. Wallpapers are an added embellishment.

The custom-made furniture resting alongside a long strip of glass flooring filled with pebbles and LED strips, look fetching. No brighter lighting is needed at night when the LEDs glow and bathe the place in soft lights. Another striking feature of the room is the wood-finish veneer paneling. The fold ceiling in gypsum veneer and the lighting in warm tones brighten up the entire space. The flooring is of high-quality granite brought from Bangalore.

The stairway has been carved in teak wood. A combination of wood and toughened glass makes up the handrails. The living-dining space has been designed in the open style. The nook under the staircase has been used up for the wash area. Another attractive feature of the house is its double kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are all of plywood-veneer combination. A small breakfast counter in the kitchen makes dining a comfy affair.

As the owners have three daughters, it’s the kids’ room that’s most colorful. The whole place is bathed in many hues of pink. Wall papers, dorm beds and corner shelves pep up the dcor here. The other four bedrooms too have separate color themes.

The top floor has two bedrooms, a balcony, family living and a home-theater space.

The elevation has been constructed way into the compound. This designing has allowed for a wide expansive garden area. With leafy plants, a sprawling lawn and a small pond, the garden is a natural beauty. The top-quality cera stones laid all over enhance the beauty of the garden and add a touch of class to the structure itself. The owners are every bit happy that their dwelling has far exceeded their expectations in every way.

Project facts:

Area: 4,500 sq ft

Plot: 17 cents

Location: Cheruvadi, Calicut

Owner: Moideenkutty

Design: Abdul Kareem

Abdul Kareem Associates, Calicut

Mob: 9895366815

Year of completion: 2015

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