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Luxury on hilltop: This Pattambi mansion is one with nature

by Thursday , March 21 2019 12:31

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Dr. Noushad is very proud o his brand new house that stands majestically on a 10 cents plot at the tranquil hilltop in Pattambi, Palakkad, Kerala. The family insisted that their house should be designed in such a way that the scintillating beauty of the nature around could be enjoyed in all its glory.

The house is built in three stories to suit the structure of the plot which lies in layers. Enough space is left on the three sides to do landscaping. The front courtyard is beautified by paving hard rocks and green grass in alternate layers. The boundary wall is built using locally sourced laterite stones.

The brick cladding on the exterior walls add a unique charm to the house. The louvers on the elevation let the cool breeze that embrace the surrounding hills into the house. There are living and dining areas, kitchen, four bedrooms and a consulting room in this house which has an area of 3000 sq ft. The living and dining areas, designed in double height, makes the space look vast and spacious.

The large windows invite pleasant sunshine and air into the interiors. There is no need to switch on the lights at day time as the interiors are always illuminated in natural light. As there is an excellent flow of cool breeze, the usage of fans too could be reduced. The false ceiling and the elegant lighting are added as designer elements.

The cement board cladding in the living area is an eye catching feature. Tiles in cement finish are paved on the floor. There is a consulting room and a maid’s room in the basement floor. Two bedrooms are arranged on each floor. The windows in bedrooms open to the beautiful nature outside.

The floating semi partition made with bamboo, which separates the living and dining spaces, is a scintillating feature which excites curiosity among the guests. The dining space leads to the patio from where the beautiful sights in the lush green garden could be enjoyed. This elegantly designed patio is the family’s favorite corner in the house.

The stairway and the hand railings are uniquely designed to looks as if they have been spread onto the upper floor. The hand railings are in GI and glass finish. There is a spacious hall in the upper landing. A library, study area and a living space have been arranged here.

The kids’ bedroom, designed artistically, looks cheerful with a splash of colors. There is a bunk bed and wardrobe facilities here. The kitchen is simple, complete with a small breakfast counter.

The house looks regal when the spot lights are switched on at night.

Project facts

Location – Pattambi, Palakkad

Area – 2800 SFT

Plot – 10 cents

Architect – Aslam Karadan, Sham Salim, Aslam Sha Architects

Year of completion - 2017

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