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The house that holds a charming surprise inside

by Friday , September 08 2017 10:23

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The elegance of modern architecture is the highlight of this house at Thenjippalam, which stands majestically at 32 cents. The outer view of this 3,800 square feet stunner is sure to take your breath away. The house is a perfect example of modern style where nature does not hesitate to show itself in.

The artistic blend of the slope and flat roofs is one of the major eye-catching features of the exterior of this house, which has a box-shaped elevation. The gray, blue and white colors add a touch of elegance to the elevation. The car porch and sit out are constructed in such a way that it is a little towards the front. The sloping roof of the car porch is, in fact, the real head turner here as it gives the entire house a classy look of fine dcor. The outer wall of one side of the house is made beautiful by pasting black cladding.

Designer Najmal Hassan has carefully studied about the direction of the wind while drawing the initial plan of the house. A balcony, which faces towards the west on the upper story, is the place where a good amount of fresh air and a cool breeze can be enjoyed. The bedrooms are also arranged in the direction of the wind to ensure enough air circulation in the rooms. The courtyard is paved with interlocking bricks and the little meadows on both the sides are ideal spaces to enjoy a calm evening. The interiors are done in the black and white theme as requested by the family members and this indeed is a charming surprise, which the exterior of the house does not give away.

The custom-made furniture adorns the living room done in double height. The leather upholstered plywood sofa here indeed looks like a piece of art. The glass windows on top let in lots of natural light into the room. The black and white themed blinds on the windows below add to the charming look of the entire living area. The flooring is done in granite.

The dining area follows a minimal style. The prayer area and wash area are beside this. The wallpaper on the double height wall beside the staircase is another interesting feature in the house. This clever design, which makes the wall look like it is not plastered, gives it a unique rustic feel. There is a ladies entry for the women to directly get into the dining area whenever there is a get-together.

The perfect blend of glass and steel makes the staircase look elegant and classy. The view from the top floor makes it look like a magical spiral stairway. The glass windows on the wall that runs along the stair case welcome the dancing sun rays into the house.

The false ceilings in gypsum veneer and plywood and the cove lighting done on it further add to the charm of the rooms. The stairway leads to a spacious hall on the upper story. A family living area and a TV unit are arranged here. The plywood TV unit painted in black goes perfectly well with the color theme of the entire house.

There are two bedrooms on the ground floor and two on the upper story. White color dominates the spacious bedrooms with attached baths and inbuilt wardrobes. The black and white color theme is continued in the kitchen and work area as well. There is a breakfast counter in the kitchen and the counter top is in granite.

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