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A house that's synonymous with budgeted luxury

by Wednesday , August 23 2017 16:58

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This 1,500 sq ft budget house stands on four cents of land in Chevarambalam, Kozhikode. It was designed and constructed for the Ratheesh-Nima couple by Sajeendran Kommeri of Blue Pearl Constructions.

What the owner visualized was no big-budget fancy home. On the contrary, it had to be on medium finance, but equipped with all facilities and constructed with zero delay. Natural lighting and free flow or air and breeze were his other demands. And true to his wish, he saw his dream taking shape within the short span of eight months. What facilitated this speed was the meticulous way the design was planned and budgeted.

The elevation is contemporary in design. The corner windows on either side of the second floor enhance the design elements. The easy use of cladding tiles heightens the contemporariness of the floors. One striking feature is the lime stone cladding on the front wall of the house on which glass niches have been artistically laid. The LEDs on these walls make the place look rich and bright. It’s a golden hue that’s emitted.

The space in the indoors has been put to maximum use. It goes to the credit of the designer that the area under the staircase doubles up as the formal living. Floor tiles in wood finish and custom-made furniture in veneer and plywood complete the urban look.

The vitrified tiles add to the glamour quotient of the house. The TV unit sits pretty on the wood laminated wall. The wooden niches on the wall give out special effects and make the room look trendy and stylish.

Almost all the main rooms have been done up with false ceilings in gypsum veneer boards. The lights shining out from these ceilings bathe the rooms in golden yellow. A stylish, yet simple dining table of wood-glass finish adds substance to the dining section. The wall leading up is covered with wallpaper. While the stairway steps are in black granite, the handrails have been finished in steel. A pergola glass opening on one side of the staircase not only looks sophisticated but also lets in sunlight in all its glory. The staircase opens out into a hall. An office space and a living joint find a place here.

Though not too large, the pantry space is cute and homely. A small breakfast area here adds to its utility. The work area, themed in black and white, stands next to this space. The house sports three bedrooms, one down and two up. False ceilings and wallpapers make all the rooms attractive. The built-in wardrobes and attached bathrooms add to the comfort-level of the house.

The LEDs on the balcony ceiling and glass parapet on one side are novel and attractive embellishments. The luxurious use of LEDs all over will surely help in reducing power consumption. The main yard enjoys a bit of landscaping with granite tiles and a bit of green peeping out of them.

The owner says the best part of it all was that the house was completed on the dot.

Project facts:

Area: 1500 sq ft

Plot: 4 cents

Location: Chevarambalam, Calicut

Owners: Ratheesh, Neema,

Construction-design: Sajeendran Kommeri, Blue Pearl Construction, Calicut, Email:, Cell: 93883 38833

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