A period home restored to glory the modern way

by Friday , June 02 2017 12:25

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Dr Sijo Kottoor was pretty apprehensive of how things would shape up when he approached a design team to have his house renovated.

The very word renovation, though fraught with hope, was laced with misgivings. For one, the house was 50 years old and quite a lot of additions had been made over the years to the floor upstairs. This was one of the major reasons for the owner’s doubts. Would this appendage hamper the renovation process?

Another challenge lay in the solid over 20-inch thick concrete walls inside. Breaking them apart would be no mean task. It was with these doubts that Kottoor met the designers.

The design team informed the owner that renovation per se would cost him more than the actual construction. But the owner had a clear vision of what his new house should be like. He wanted a neat, stylish abode built on the aesthetics of the old.

The first step in renovation was to check the strength of the structure as it stood. A vaastu expert who was called in suggested a few crucial changes and work began on the house according to a new plan.

It was found that the new plan would in no way weigh down on the structure. Therefore, the exterior, the interior and the 3D plans were approved by the owner. New plumbing, electrification, drainage and layout were readied. Work went without a hitch as per well chalked out plans. The compound wall, gate and spectacular landscaping came up after that.

The finished work was perfectly executed. No changes would be needed for another 50 years, for the material that went into the renovation was of the finest quality and build.

Project facts:

Engineer: Naveen R, design head, Buildea

Owner: Dr Sijo Kottoor

Kottoor House, Cherpunkal, Pala.

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