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A 2,200 sq ft home packed with comfort

by Thursday , August 17 2017 10:06

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Irinjalakuda-native Hans Peter had no hesitation in handing over the design, layout and construction of his house to his old pal Deepak. And he has had absolutely no reasons to feel let down, for his house is his joy and pride today.

The architect set no limitations to the design that fits snugly into four cents. All comforts have been packed into the structure. Four bedrooms have been built within the 2,200 sq ft house.

Some salient features of the structure:

Foundation: The usual rubble foundation was set. But a beam was put up where the land behind the house, close to the well was found to be a little less firm.

Exterior: It’s in a contemporary style. Flat roofs heighten the loftiness of the elevation. Stone claddings decorate the walls outside. The gates in GI pipes look attractive and the compound walls interspersed with the pipes look elegant.

Flooring: All the rooms have been laid with vitrified tiles. It’s granite for the kitchen counter and stairway steps.

Windows and doors: The windows come in UPVC. While the main doors are of steel, all the others are of fibre.

Kitchen cabinet, wardrobes: Aluminium composite panels have been used for kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. The open space near the TV unit, the prayer area and other storages has been covered with multiwood.

Furniture: Plywood and multiwood have gone into making the furniture.

Fold ceiling: Gypsum false ceilings have been used in the living, dining and family areas.

Airy and open: The interiors allow a lot of air and light. A vertical pergola under the staircase lets in the light.

Cost-cutting: With nil-wastage, the house is high on utility. No needless adornments have been indulged in. Instead, the stress is on putty, false ceilings and wire-cut bricks.

Project facts:

Location: Irinjalakuda, Thrissur

Area: 2,200 sq ft

Designer: Deepak Ammanath

DK Associates, Irinjalakuda

Owners: Hans Peter and Hyacinth

Pallayi House, Irinjalakuda

Year of completion: Dec 2016.

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