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A peek into Manjeri MLA M. Ummer's tropical home

by Tuesday , July 18 2017 07:52

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When Manjeri MLA M. Ummer decided to build a new house, he was particular about a few requirements like a vast sit-out to accommodate his visitors, a big courtyard with ample parking area, a small office space and rooms, which would give the family members total privacy. Designer Faisal of Nirman Design took it as a challenge and successfully constructed a house that met all requirements.

Considering Kerala’s hot weather, a tropical design was adopted. The combination of slope and curve roof gives elegance to the elevation; shingles and clay tiles are used in the roof. The house has four bedrooms, bathrooms, formal and family livings, dining area, office space and kitchen. The car porch is right in the front. Through the sit-out, one can enter the office as well as the formal living.

The office has all necessary furniture and a false ceiling with good lighting that adds to the comfort of the space. The office space does not affect the privacy of the family members at all. There is an open shelf in the formal living in which books are neatly arranged. Mementos and shields are exhibited next to it. Custom-made furniture adds to the beauty of the space. Spaces in the interior are wisely utilized in this house. The family living area below the spiral stairway is just an example of this smart space utilization.

The dining and family living are open. An interesting feature about this interior is the partition between the formal living and dining area. The CNC multi wood TV unit in the partition can be revolved in 360 degrees. Small hanging lamps enhance the charm of the dining area.

There is a small show wall beside the car porch, which divides the office space from the backyard of the house. Behind this is a lavatory for visitors. In the back side of the house, there is a small open terrace and a roofed utility area.

There is a study area and a library in the upper story. The bedrooms follow a minimal style. The modular kitchen with a small breakfast counter and the white marble laid counter top give a modern look for the house.

Another interesting feature of the elevation is the high roof, which in fact was done to cover the water tank from sight. This obviously adds to the beauty of the exterior. The vast courtyard in the front is laid with interlocked bricks and there is a small meadow beside the sit out. In short, politics and family are in perfect harmony at this charming house.

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