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by Thursday , June 15 2017 07:41

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The house of Delvin Antony and Jesy in Vellankallur, Thrissur, is a visual treat by itself. With roofs and window shades in straight lines and in total alignment, this contemporary house has been built to suit Kerala’s weather and climatic requirements. Spacious, airy and bright, it emits positive energy from every nook.

The plot stands three ft below road level. In fact, it was quite a challenge for the designers to build the structure on this piece of land. It actually stands in what was once a huge pit from where laterite stones were quarried. The patch was later filled up and the house now stands on that elevation.

The plot originally lay as low as seven ft below road level in its front elevation and sloped 14 ft towards the back. This land layout offered the designers an opportunity to stretch their imagination and test their expertise before committing to the plan, which was strictly budgeted and executed.

The 2,350 sq ft structure stands on 11 cents of land and its elevation is totally contemporary and set in off-white. Even the windows come in the same shade. The dark brown and dark ash claddings give the elevation a fitting contrast. The walls and windows have been fortified with special shading devices. The paving blocks in the yard lead up to the sit-out.

The highlight of the interiors is its simple grandeur. The double height elevation of the formal living is what complements the expansive look of the room, though it’s not very roomy. The L-shaped sofa heightens the sophisticated look of the room. What makes the formal living look trendy is the wood work in white and yellow tones.

A semi-partition in wood finish separates the formal living from the other sections of the house. The passageways are magnificently lit up by cove lights.

It’s to the dining area that one steps in from the formal living. A six-seater dining table holds pride of place here. The glass-top sits on a veneer frame pasted over marine plywood. A small prayer space lies close to the dining area. A courtyard opposite to the dining table sets the room’s ambiance with its grills, pergola and natural stone cladding. The terrace atop the living space has been left open with a view to walling it up and building rooms later on.

The master bedroom looks comfy with wallpapers in muted shades. While the cupboards have been done in multiwood, the bedroom doors are all in MDF.

The house has been designed by Woodnest Interiors from Chalakudy.

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