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This charming 1,200 sq ft house was built on a moderate budget

by Sunday , September 10 2017 10:52

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When Imran Seth and Aswathy from Chottanikkara in Ernakulam decided to build their dream home, they already had a well-planned budget in mind. The couple had envisioned a simple, yet elegant house in their four-cent plot without exceeding their moderate budget of Rs 30 lakh. Thus ‘Angan’, a charming little budget house, became a reality with its marvelous designs by Manaf Sahreef of Mag Concept at Kalamasserry.

The beautiful 1,200 square feet home stands in a four-cent plot and the effort to limit the budget can be seen from the gate and the boundary wall itself. The foundation of the house is built in hard stone and the remaining stones were used on the boundary walls. Simple steel frames are used in the gate, which, in fact, gives it an elegant look. Trees are planted in the small courtyard and the little green patches of meadows make it look even more beautiful. The simple box-structure elevation and the classic combination of white, gray and wooden colors add to the charm of the house. The rooms are arranged as per the rules of ‘Vasthu’.

The car porch with the sloping roof is quite an eye-catching feature of this house. The wall in the sit-out is decorated with shera board, and the simple multi wood main entrance welcomes you to the beautiful interiors. Although not visible, there’s a shoe rack behind the main door – a clever addition to utilize space.

The simplicity and minimal style make the interiors look elegant. The living area, stairway, and dining area are all in open style making it look more spacious. Few portions of the living space are in double height. The white color theme followed in the interiors also plays a major role in giving it a roomy feel. Customized white leather sofa and a TV unit complete the living space.

The beautiful patio between the kitchen and a bedroom downstairs is obviously the most charming space in the entire house. One enters into the patio through a UPVC sliding door. The cement bricks wall on one side gives it a unique look of red stone bricks (chenkal). The glass roof above and the grille on both sides bring in the cool breeze and natural light into this cozy little space. A simple four seater table in the dining room is made of wood and glass. Exposed concrete finish is done on all the walls.

Though the kitchen is small, there is enough storage space on counters in marine ply with a laminate finish. The cross ventilations ensure enough air passage.

There are three bedrooms in the house, which are arranged in a simple, yet beautiful style. There is a 100 square feet bedroom on the ground floor and the remaining two, including the master bedroom, are on the top floor. From the master bedroom, the beautiful view of the nearby fields can be enjoyed through the windows with UPVC sliding panes. The kids’ room is colorful, and there is small balcony upstairs. Tress work is done on the open terrace and a sitting and gym space is arranged there. In a place like Kerala, where people are ready to spend crores of rupees to built extravagant abodes, this comfortable budget house is definitely setting a trend.

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