This house captures the essence of all that's Indian

by Thursday , April 20 2017 12:23

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With its four bright, bold and beautiful stories, Pushti tops all other residences around its vicinity near Amrita Dream University in Kasavanahally, off Bangalore. Pushti is a landmark. The colors ensure that you will never miss it.

With the red of the earth merging with the green of the leaves, the house, painted in Nature’s hues, is every bit North Indian in looks and design.

Ramachandran and Preetha, proud owners of the house, usher you into the spacious drawing room. What strikes one is the spiritual aura within its walls, set off by idols, antique furniture, matching furnishings, and bronze artifacts. The atmosphere of the place is such that when the couple explains that it’s their yoga room, you know exactly why it felt different from an ordinary space within four walls. It’s in this room that Ramachandran and Preetha engage their yoga classes. Two families live on the floor above and another on the top-most floor of the 10,000 sq ft structure.

The yoga family lives on the second floor, which is totally ethnic in taste, design and outlook. The interiors of the full structure stand on hollow “porotherm” bricks. Apart from the corners and the lintel, neither the interiors nor the exteriors have been cemented. The structure is such that it enjoys maximum air flow and bright natural lighting. It’s an open “free style” concept. The rooms, though structured together, ensure that privacy is maintained to the utmost.

The foyer is a cornucopia of colors and designs. Wooden cupboards, terracotta pots and attractive wood carvings are some eye-catching features of the place. The foyer is a clue to what’s in store inside this 3BHK house.

A corridor connects the living-dining section, the bedrooms and the family-living. The corridor with its wall-to wall windows doubles up as a study as well. One can go to the guest bedroom from the corridor which opens into the family living.

The passage, which connects the family living with the kitchen, is an attractive feature as one can connect with the music and entertainment in the living room while still in the kitchen. A tour round the family, dining and living rooms can take you back to the kitchen in one deft circular move.

The house is brimming over with antiques, artifacts and curios from all over India. The color green is predominant around the place. The paint inside the rooms, the designer pieces, the interior accessories and even the ceramic pieces come in various hues of green. It could well be called a “green house”.

The centrepoint of the living room is a large statue of Ganapathy carved in wood. This is the most sacred part of the house, the pooja room. The highlight of the dining room is the Rajasthani style dining set, built with semi-precious stones inlaid in brass. If it’s Rajasthan in the dining room, it’s Gujarat in the living room, for the furniture is native to that state.

There are times when one wonders whether this is a home or an antique shop. With accessories, artifacts and ornamental pieces from Kerala to Chettinad to the North, it’s India all the way. To Preethi’s credit go the ornate paintings mirroring Indianism. All the paintings reflect the artist in her. Ceramic tiles in wood designs adorn the floor. The son’s bedroom sports the color orange for a change.

It’s ceramic all the way. However hard you try, not a piece of plastic is seen anywhere. Clay pots for cooking, ceramic jars for storing food and brass plates to eat from… it’s all very native. The vegetables the family needs are grown in a plot adjacent to the house and cooking is done on firewood.

Hence, in every way, Ramachandran and Preethi’s house captures the essence of India and all that’s Indian.

Pics: Sreekanth Kalarickal

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