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You won't believe the budget of this stunning house

by Friday , January 18 2019 11:34

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The luxury house owned by Kothamangalam native Denny Thomas stands out for its chic and classy style. The family’s dream dwelling, built on a moderate budget, has all the modern facilities. The house which stands elegantly on a 14.5 cents plot truly reflects the charm of the beautiful nature around.

The family wanted their home to be in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature and also have a unique and eye-catching look. The exteriors of the house emanate a regal charm of the colonial architectural style. The spaces are arranged in the pentagonal pattern, which, in fact, helps enhance the elegance of the house. The outer walls and pillars in the sit-out are decorated with Bangalore stone claddings.

There is an elaborate sit-out, living space, dining area, four bedrooms, kitchen and a home theatre in this house which has an area of 2277 sq ft. One of prominent features is the roof which is built at a significant height. This ensures good ventilation and always maintains a pleasant atmosphere in the interiors.

The interiors, designed in the open style, seem more vast and spacious. Experiments in the texture and design in the flooring is an interesting feature. Vitrified and digital tiles add to the spectacular look of the house. There are enough spaces which let lots of natural light and fresh air into the house. The sunshine which comes in through the sliding glass door illuminates the entire house.

The unique design of the dining table is something which intrigues the guests who visit the house. The dining table, which is in the suspended style, is made by supporting a block of nano white using two bars of stainless steel. The design of the chairs too is unique and attractive. The benches are made using pinewood and GI pipes.

All the four bedrooms are bath attached with in–built wardrobe facilities. The kitchen is furnished in plywood – acrylic finish. Nano white is paved on the counter top. The construction of the house, including the tastefully done furnishings, was completed in a reasonable budget of Rs 30 lakh.

Factors which helped lower the expenses:

The use of wood is limited

Windows and cupboards are done in aluminium fabrication

Pillars and the hand rails are built of stainless steel and GI square tubes

The cots in the bedrooms are in–built

Project facts

Location: Kothamangalam, Ernakulam

Plot:14.5 cents

Area: 2277 SFT

Owner: Denny Thomas

Designer: Shajan Varghese, Shajan and Associates, Kothamangalam

Mob: 9388800037

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