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This Piravom house is a surprise inside out! Video

by Thursday , June 14 2018 10:21

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Technology may bring in sweeping changes to architectural styles, rewrite theories and work wonders for modern housing designs. But there are the tested and proven, that stand the test of time. Some designs never go out of fashion, no matter what, like this enduring Kerala style architectural serenity in Piravom.

Standing on 17 cents of land, this 2,732 sq ft house is simple, yet traditional. Its owner, Santhosh, who runs his own business, was very particular about a traditional design which would also bring in a lot of modern amenities. Hence, architect-designer Sebastian Jose gave him just what he wanted … traditional and vintage Kerala and modern chic.

The plot itself is one shady green patch. It’s to a “sopanam” style verandah that one steps in from a green path. The charupadi or sopanam, is ideal for resting one’s back. Though it’s fading out of modern designs, the architect has brought in the feature to suit the settings outside. The long verandah is supported by stone pillars.

A drawing room, dining room, three bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a kitchen, courtyard and home theatre are what make up the main design structure. The insides are Mezzanine in design and dcor, which means you get all the facilities and comfort of a double storey within a single storey itself. As there are no confining or blocking walls inside, the overall effect is one of roominess. Even small nooks look spacious. Traditional-looking wood-finish tiles have been spread on the floor. There’s wooden flooring on some stretches.

The simple and elegant drawing space lies spread on either side of the main door. This space leads to the dining area. Though the staircase separates the two areas, it does not jut into the space, nor does it look jarring. It’s a six seat dining table. A small prayer space has been provided near it.

The staircase is a design in wood over M.S. frames. A small courtyard with artificial turf turns the space under the staircase bright and attractive. The glass rooftop bathes the place in light. A wooden swing (aattukattil) near the courtyard is again an attractive feature of the insides. The traditional swing highlights the Kerala design element of the house.

The three bedrooms have been kept simple. So is the kitchen.

A home theatre has been set up in the upper floor. The roof in double height ensures air circulation and brings in plenty of light. A small balcony space on the upper floor is quite a cozy nook. One can step out or relax here for a breath of fresh air. The roof tiles enhance the look of the elevation. There are windows aplenty all over which offer a view of the greenery outside. The insides, therefore, are always cool and pleasant.

The house is a repository of positive energy and it has won awards and accolades for its vaastu elements and traditional design.

Project facts:

Location: Piravom, Ernakulam

Area: 2732 sq ft

Plot: 17 cents

Owner: Santhosh

Architect: Sebastian Jose

Silpi Architects, 0484 2663448, 2664748


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