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A stunning 1,600 sq ft home at just Rs 25 lakh

by Wednesday , August 16 2017 10:32

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This 1,600 sq ft house on 12 cents of land in Mananthavady hardly looks like a budget construction. But that's the reality.

The elevation is stunning, the design, contemporary. It’s a double-storied structure with four bathroom-attached bedrooms, living, dining and kitchen spaces. When it came to fixing a budget, the owner had his strong say… not a penny more than Rs 25 lakh. Quite an improbable probability! Not for Salim, Malappuram-based designer of AS Design Forum.

Every bit stylish and very contemporary, the construction looks expensive and ultra mod. All said and done, it still is a budget home, yet fitted with all luxury elements to meet the requirements of the owners. The plan has made good use of even the smallest open space. Though the owner had his eye on a strict budget, there has been no compromise on the quality of construction.

Contemporary colors adorn the house. While the exteriors have been done up in greenish gray and white shades, the windows and doors are in wood finish. Some walls on the front elevation have been designed with claddings which make them stand out in design elements. The sloping sunshades enhance the rich look of the structure. Step in and the custom-made sofas in leather-finish round up the chic look of the space.

The L-shaped living-dining space was done deliberately with an eye on maximum space utilization. It’s into the living that one steps in right from the sit-out. The dining area is quite close to the living space.

The six-seater dining set is simple in design. The TV unit finds place on the wall behind this space. The wall stickers on one side of the dining walls are an attractive add-on. The wash area stands between the bedroom and the kitchen.

There are two bedrooms up and two down. While a second bathroom down finds room under the staircase, a single bathroom finds space for the two bedrooms up. The highlight of the bedrooms is the color scheme on the walls. A vertical pergola opening at the staircase lets in ample sunlight. The kitchen, in pink and white themes is simple, yet fetching. The storage units have been built in UPVC boards.

Interlocking tiles have been paved in the yard. There’s less of laterite and concrete on the compound walls. Instead, steel frames have been used to reinforce the small openings along the wall.

Cost-cutting measures:

It’s a “U” shaped exterior meant to give the elevation a grand look.

An intermingling of bricks and laterite make up the structure.

Old roof tiles from the old structure have been used in the new sloping roofs.

Wood has been sparingly used. Only those windows seen from outside and the main door are of wood. Concrete windows and steel frames have been used otherwise. This was indeed a great cost-cutting plan.

No false ceiling or custom lighting.

Floors are of inexpensive vitrified tiles.

All the bedrooms have ready-made doors. Particle boards and MDF have been used for interior dcor. Cement slabs in MDF paneling have been laid inside wardrobes as partitions.

UPVC for kitchen cabinets.

This house is a fine example of how maximum utilization can be had from minimum budget.

Project facts:

Area: 1600 sq ft

Plot 12 cents

Budget: Rs 25 lakh

Location: Mananthavadi, Wayanad

Year of completion: 2016

Owner: Jinesh K. Mathew

Design: Salim P.M.

AS Design Forum, Malappuram


Mob: 9947211689

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