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Idukki Newman Residents' Association wins Manoramaonline-Asset Homes Chuttuvattom Award

by Thursday , March 14 2019 18:29

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Thiruvananthapuram: Idukki Newman has won the Manoramaonline-Asset Homes ‘Chuttuvattom Season – 3 Award’ for the best residents’ association in Kerala.

The first prize, which includes Rs one lakh, trophy and certificate, was presented jointly by Magsaysay Award winner Dr Rajendra Singh and Shashi Tharoor MP.

The second prize of Rs 75,000, trophy and certificate was won by Thanal Residents’ Association, Thrissur. The third prize comprising Rs 50,000, trophy and certificate went to Maithri Nagar Residents’ Association, Kottayam.

Other winners included Niravu Residents’ Association, Kozhikode, for exemplary activities and Ernakulam Thuruthikkara South-West Association, which won the special jury award.

The cheques for the winners were presented by Asset Homes chief marketing manager Sajim S.

Manoramaonline Chief Content Coordinator Santhosh George Jacob delivered the welcome speech.

The other residents’ associations that reached the final round were Gandhipuram (Thiruvananthapuram), Sreeramakrishna Puram (Thiruvananthapuram), Hallo (Palakad), Margadeepam (Kannur) and Maithri Nagar (Kollam).

This year’s theme for the contest was ‘Conservation of water post floods’. The residents’ associations were judged on the basis of the initiatives they launched for water conservation. As many as 1,200 associations registered for the contest, of which 33 were shortlisted in the first round based on the remarkable activities they carried out and suggestion of unique ideas.

Interactions were conducted at the zonal level with the office-bearers of these associations and recommendations made by an expert panel. The winners were selected considering their excellence in implementing the projects taking these expert suggestions into account.

The judging panel that inspected the associations found that the work was carried out more as a social obligation than for winning a prize in the contest.

After several phases of selection, 10 associations were chosen for the last round from the 33 residents’ groups.

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