This 15,000 sq ft Kozhikode mansion is a sight to behold

by Monday , June 19 2017 10:04

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Narikkoli House in Nadapuram stands out for its sheer splendor. When grandeur merges with aesthetics, the outcome is classic beauty. So is the house, with architect Naseer Khan’s distinct stamp on it. Narikkoli House is different. It’s a grandiose structure.

The client wanted total privacy, including no direct visual access from the roads to the happenings inside the compound. And the house had to be a class part. These were the client’s demands. The designer fulfilled all of them with a finished product, which far exceeded the owner’s expectations.

The house owes its stunning elevation to the vastness of the plot. It’s an imposing 15,000 sq ft edifice on a four-acre plot! Privacy being a key factor, which went into the construction, the house stands way into the compound, far from the main road. The well-manicured and sprawling landscaped yard complements the house’s imposing look.

The insides can be described in just one word: splendorous. They are vast and spacious. A courtyard in double height and a swimming pool just below it is the highlight of the house. No ordinary design, this!

The polycarbonate sheets used for the pergola let in light in its brightest glory. The pergola stands on pillars of Royal Ply.

With a view to entertaining guests, the designer has provided space for two family living lots. A hall, lavish on room space, is meant for hosting big-time parties. The special service stairways are meant for carrying food back and forth when large-scale parties are held. There are three bedrooms. Vastness and expanse are the hallmarks of the rooms.

The spacious dining room holds a big 10-seater dining table. Each room has its distinct design. The house has five kitchens. As the house plays host to innumerable guests, the five kitchens have been designed in five distinct styles … pantry, modern kitchen, work area kitchen, traditional kitchen and servants’ kitchen.

Almost all the items inside have been custom-designed and imported. Spanish-made cladding tiles, German-made sanitary ware, Italian-designed curtains and chandeliers and a host of other decorative items add to the foreign look of the house. Ornate and decorative, Narikkoli House cannot be every man’s dream. It can exist only in the realm of the very, very fortunate.

Project facts:

Area : 15,000 sq ft

Plot : 4 acres

Owner : Hameed Narikkol, Nadapuram

Location: Nadapuram

Architectural consultant: Naseer Khan

Mobile: 9946877206

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