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Home decor ideas

See how bathrooms affect fortunes in a house

by Monday , December 10 2018 11:55

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In modern houses, bathrooms have become synonymous with luxury and chic style. Though the traditional vastu laws do not state that bathrooms should be built inside the house, an attached bathroom has become the necessity of modern lifestyle. Usually a bathroom is separated into dry and wet areas, and are fitted with the most modern and stylish accessories.

However, it must be noted that bathrooms should not be built at the 4 corners of the house. If there is a space constraint, due to which bathrooms have to be built in the corners, then it should be made, not at the exact corner but a bit adjacent to it.

Dressing areas could be turned into partitions as well. The toilet commode should face either the north or south directions. One of the 4 walls of the bathroom must be part of the exterior wall as well. There should be enough light and air circulation inside the bathrooms.

The bathroom door must always be kept closed. As it is the place where negative energy could be accumulated, bathrooms should be kept clean using disinfectants. To maintain the positive energy inside the bathroom, a bowlful of rock salt could be kept in the dry area. Once the salt begins to melt, it should be immediately replaced.

The position of the bathroom shouldn’t be at the center of the house; and neither should it be on the opposite direction of the house’s entrance. For instance, if the entrance of the house faces north, then the bathroom should not be built on the southern side or to center of the house. As the number of bathrooms influences the wealth and well being of the family, the vastu states that more than 3 bathrooms shouldn’t be built in the house.

The position of the septic tanks too shouldn’t be on the 4 corners of the plot. It should neither be in the center nor in the south direction as well. Septic tanks must not be built below car porches. Vastu experts say that the septic tanks could be placed in the north – western side of the plot or towards the west.

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