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This is a 'cost effective' design marvel, not a budget house

by Monday , January 21 2019 11:52

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Sabeer Thirumala is an architect who deems designing sustainable homes as a service to the society. He designs houses and draws plans free of cost and never demands remuneration for it. Sabeer offers his services in association with the Sindooram Charitable Trust which is based in Thiruvananthapuram. He shares the details of an elegant house built on a 4 cents plot in Vattiyoorkavu.

The designer says that space constraint is one of the major problems faced by those who try to build a house within the city limits. As the plots are high priced, most of them want to accommodate as much facilities as possible in the house built in these small plots.

There is a car porch, living space, dining area, kitchen, work area, 3 bedrooms, upper hall and a balcony in this two-storied house which has an area of 1700 sq ft. The interiors of the house look vast and spacious, and it is designed in such a way that the inhabitants don’t feel space constraints at all.

The design of the exteriors stands out for its unique style. The flat roof, complimented by the curved sides of the house is elegant and eye-catching. Neutral shades dominate the exteriors and interiors, which add a special charm to the house.

The interiors, designed beautifully, emanate artistic charm. The living and the dining areas are in the open style. It makes the interiors look vast and ensures cross ventilation as well. A wall is highlighted in each of the bedrooms. The hand railings of the stair way are made in stainless steel. A wash area is arranged below the stair way, thereby wisely utilizing the space. The bedrooms and the kitchen have all the facilities required for a modern family.

Factors which helped keep a check on expenses

Doors and windows purchased from shops of second hand wooden furniture.

Tiles purchased in clearance sale offered by a showroom prior to its closure.

The plastering was completed by migrant workers within 10 days.

Switch boards and light points of medium quality were used (however no compromise was made on the quality of the electrical equipment which would be concealed).

The same pattern was followed for plumbing as well.

Light points were directly installed without the false ceiling.

Cupboards and wardrobes were done in aluminium fabrication.

The foundation was built by constructing pillars and then plastering the belts as the surface of the plot isn’t firm enough. The construction of the house, including the furnishing, was completed on a moderate budget of Rs 24 lakhs. Designer Sabeer would like to call this house a ‘cost effective’ one rather than a budget house as it has all the modern facilities despite being built on a small plot.

Project facts

Location: Vattiyoorkavu, Thiruvananthapuarm

Area: 1700 SFT

Plot: 4 cents

Owner: Johnson

Designer: Sabeer Thirumala, Sindooram Charitable Trust, Thiruvananthapuram

Mob: 9847511303


Budget: Rs 24 lakhs

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