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This minimalist Kollam home has a 'sporty' look

by Tuesday , August 01 2017 10:58

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Football lover and sports instructor Maneesh’s home is just like a soccer field – it’s all about greenery. Apparently, he kept his demands to the minimum when his architect colleague at Kollam TKM Engineering College, Gadhi Madhusudhanan, sat down to work on the designs for Maneesh's ‘Soccer Chateau,’: a simple, minimalist home with two bedrooms downstairs.

The color themes of green, white and gray give a different, yet minimalist look to the house. The chembakam (plumeria) plant in the pebbled courtyard adjacent to the sit-out gives the entire house a feeling of warmth.

The house is not easily visible from the main road as there is a huge plot in front of it. As Maneesh’s relatives reside in this plot, privacy is not an immediate concern. The main entrance is made of wood, iron and glass. This makes it easy for someone standing on the verandah to have a clear view of the inside. A grille frame is fixed on the front portion of the top floor, which looks similar to the main entrance door.

Second half

Minimalism is evident not just in the exterior but in the interiors as well. The furniture and lighting too goes with the minimalist theme of the house, giving it a simple yet elegant look. The living room has wooden flooring and the entire furniture is done up in a combination of gray and green. Long windows open to the meadows outside.

A second pebbled courtyard with chembakam plant in the dining room adds to the charm of this house. The dining area is so spacious. The huge mirror fixed in the wash area makes the room seem bigger than it actually is. The dining table and chairs stick to the minimalist style that is consistent in the entire house. The name of the house is framed on the wall, and it hides the main switch board behind it.

The special design of the staircase with wood fixed on steel gives it a modern look. The pergola above the stairs brings in natural light into the house. The nearby wall also has a grille with its lower half covered in glass and upper half in net. The main aim of this grille is to ensure proper passage of air. The two bedrooms and the kitchen are the other attractions of the ground floor. Stairs are built for entrance into the open terrace and the first floor bedroom.

The construction of the house was completed in December and the family moved into this beautiful home in January. Maneesh guarantees that a gush of energy flows through him the moment he enters his house after a long tiring day of hard work on the training ground.

Tips to have a great house

According to architect Madhusudhanan, one should consider four factors while designing the house.

1. Designs which do not hinder the natural structure of the plot should be preferred. Trees or slopes of the earth should be preserved as it is.

2. The design should be in such a way that it brings the beautiful atmosphere outside into the house as well. (Except for a few blinds in the bedrooms, curtains are not used in Soccer Chateau)

3. Avoiding wood in the construction not only brings down the cost, but also ensures sustainable development.

4. The color theme of the house should match the surroundings.

Project facts:

Area: 2150 sqft

Architect: Madhusudhanan, email:

Location: Kollam

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