Pulled down and built anew for Rs 17 lakh

by Friday , May 26 2017 09:39

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Small is beautiful. So is Karimbukala. The house was over half a century old when its owner, George, started toying with the idea of renovating the structure. In fact, he had been weighing the pros and cons of building up on the structure.

But when he realized that patching up the place with modern attachments would be odd, out of place and cost-prohibitive, he veered around to the view that pulling down the aging structure and building something new would be the only workable solution. Adding impetus to his decision was the impending marriage of his son Manu. The tall, young man would need a house with elevated roofs. So it was goodbye to an old, low-roofed structure.

The house was so old that it had to be brought down completely. Only the foundation was retained.

A concrete belt looped around the foundation, added to its strength.

The new house was designed with a hall, three bedrooms, kitchen and a work area. One of the bedrooms has an attached bathroom. It comes with a dressing area too.

A glass partition separates the dining space from the wash area.

Wood from the old house was retained.

The floor has been laid with vitrified tiles.

The rooftop stands on truss and concreting has been done away with. Natural tiles and ceramic tiles have been paved on the rooftop. Work on the truss alone came up to Rs 4.40 lakh.

The fold ceiling has been done in gypsum at Rs 55 for a sq ft.

The main door looks imposing in solid teak wood and the bathroom doors are of readymade wood.

Aluminium looks attractive for kitchen cabinet shutters. It ran up a cost of Rs 750 per sq ft. The granite kitchen slab gives the place an elegant look. Minimalistic, yet stylish.

The whole house was done up for Rs 17 lakh. The designer was absolutely sure of the fact that the whole cost would not go beyond Rs 20 lakh, even though the foundation had to be reinforced.

Project facts:

Area: 1,400 sq ft

Designer : Bobby Mathew, Thamara Furnishing Company, Piravom


Location: Ayemanam, Kottayam

Year of completion: May, 2016

Cost: Rs 17 lakh (without the foundation)

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